A Nix Release Day Review -Unleashing the Receptionist by Juniper Bell (4 Stars)

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Dana isn’t only the receptionist at her place of work; she is also the third in a ménage with her two bosses Simon and Ethan.  She adores them, adores their kinky games but she feels a little like a visitor to an existing relationship. Simon and Ethan were already in a relationship before she met them but neither will tell her how they met or anything much about their past in general; it is hard to feel like an equal party with only half the information.
When Simon and Ethan’s past steps into their present in the shape of a stuffy auditor, Dana sees her chance to prove that she is more than just a bed buddy for the two of them. Breaking all of the rules that Ethan has imposed, she sets out to discover what is really going on and hopefully protect the firm. In doing so she is keeping secrets from her lovers and risking their wrath but will it all be worth it in the end?
 This is a kinky addition to a kinky series and I recommend that you read the others to fully appreciate the relationship between these very naughty folks. In this tale, we see ménage, girl on girl oral sex, bondage, rope play, spanking and a very naughty peep show for a voyeuristic accountant. All in all it’s scorching hot!
I had read the first two books in this series, so knew what to expect from our characters. Ethan is still the work-driven dominant type (who I’m pretty sure only imposes rules to set punishments), Simon the sweetie pie with a very kinky side and Dana who is a very willful (and very bratty) sub. To be fair, Dana only obeys the rules in the bedroom but I like that type of sub! 
In this one, Dana is feeling like she doesn’t have the same value in the relationship as the other two players and that they could quite happily exist without her. I understood her feelings after all, actions speak louder than words. They professed they loved her yet point blank refused to tell her about their relationship from the past, as if she had no place in it. It made me feel a little sad for her because it must be horrible to have two men be the center of your universe but not to be the center of theirs. Of course they tried their hardest to make her feel like she mattered (without revealing their secret) in some very kinky and imaginative ways *phew* There is a LOT of sex and it is all so very hot….Juniper Bell writes very good sex!
I really liked Dana in this one. I liked her spunk and determination about her “plan” to get the firm out of trouble. The scenes with the accountant were fun and sexy (can I just say he was my second favorite character in this tale….I love a sexy nerd character) which gave the whole tale a very uplifting feel.  I did feel that Simon and Ethan were a little absent in this one. They seemed to appear only for rules, punishment, sex and explaining plot points; I was disappointed as I love Ethan:/
Overall, this was a very very kinky addition to the series. I loved the rope scene and the opening scenes certainly set up the rest of the novel well If you like your erotica hot and kinky, this is definitely one to try. Start at the beginning though….Ethan needs to be read in full.  

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