A Nix Review – A Man of His Word by Sarah Anderson (4.5 stars)

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Dan Armstrong’s day can’t get any worse. First his evil Uncle Cecil calls him to site of their companies latest project to try to resolve some long running “problems” and then a Native American woman on horseback takes a pot-shot at him, narrowly missing his head and putting a hole in his favourite hat. Upon arrival at his Uncle’s house, he starts to see that all is not well with the construction project in which his company has invested millions of dollars. It seems that Uncle Cecil has run into “problems” with the Native American tribe whose land the company intend to flood with the Hydroelectricity Dam. He has been summoned to use his pretty boy looks and Cowboy charm on the tribes Lawyer, Rosebud Donnelly. Upon arrival to her office, he discovers the identity of his mysterious shooter…
Rosebud Donnelly has been working tirelessly on getting an injunction to stop the construction of the Hydro-Dam that will flood her tribe’s reservation. After dispatching multiple lawyers, enduring persistent intimidation and having to deal with aftermath of her brother’s very untimely, and suspicious, death, this case has become a test of endurance. When Dan walks into her office, her game-plan goes out of the window. Whatever she was prepared for, he wasn’t it. When her Aunt and Uncle ask her to use her looks to try to get dirt on Cecil from him, she balks at the idea of exploiting herself in that way. But as attraction sparks between the two of them, maybe they can use their loved one’s wishes as a cover to explore this mutual attraction.
The author found my blog after one of my many (MANY) Cowboy related tweets (I have issues). I’m so glad she did because I really enjoyed this book. The central characters were engaging, the plot kept me turning the pages and it contained a cowboy J Rosebud Donnelly is the type of heroine I like to see in this type of romance. A strong, independent lady, she is the only thing stalling the multi-million pound contract that would create cheap electricity for some, but at the cost of the decimation of the reservation of an entire tribe. She has to stand against some serious opposition, the peak of which is the suspicious death of her elder brother. When Dan walks in, she struggles with her attraction with him. He is forbidden fruit; someone who she can never trust whilst she is on the case, but still she can’t help herself. Dan is a swoon-worthy Cowboy. He’s charming, handsome and honourable; I loved him. He wasn’t particularly happy with his Uncle asking him to pimp himself out but he had sunk a hell of a lot of money into that Dam.  Once he saw Rosebud, he suddenly didn’t feel too bad about his “assignment” from his reptilian Uncle. He sets out to woo her with donuts and brownies which, I’ll admit, was a little odd. Manly cowboys in my head do not come bearing baked goods, but I’ll go with it J She give’s into the baked goods and all-round charm from the cowboy hottie, but under the surface, she still doesn’t trust that he isn’t just trying to get her to screw up the legal case.  From there on we have wooing, we have distrust and we have a whole heap of drama…..I’m not telling you anymore! Will Rosebud give into temptation and sleep with her enemy? Will Dan stick with the old adage blood is thicker than water and stick by his skeezy Uncle, even if he is possibly implicated in some suspicious deaths? Read it, find out…I loved it.
I always appreciate when an author tackles a difficult subject in a romance novel. Aside from the corporate corruption plot that is central to this tale, the author also addresses the very difficult topic of racism. Not only do our hero and heroine have to deal with the disapproval of their family, they have to deal with some seriously hideous racism. The plot fit well with the story and wasn’t resolved in a sloppy way that belittles the issue; I hold my hat up to the author because it made me cringe to see the venom and hatred that some of the people in the town dealt with someone who wasn’t the same skin colour as them. It was horrible. It made this book more than a bit of fluff and I think I enjoyed it more for that.
Overall, a lovely sexy tale of a hot Cowboy and a Native American beauty who start their relationship with attempted murder and embark on a lovely and sweet (if not slightly dirty) romance which is blighted by the actions of the people around them.

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