A Nix Review – Bare Knuckle by Katie Porter (A 5 Star recommended read)

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Bare Knuckle by Katie Porter
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2014-10-07
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Pages: 306
Format: eBook
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After a near-fatal plane crash, fighter pilot Captain Eric “Kisser” Donaghue is a changed man. By day he labors to regain his confidence in the cockpit. By night he moonlights as an off-Strip boxer, fighting for prize money to pay for his younger brother’s third stint in rehab.

In the ring, no one cares he once had a face that launched a thousand one-night stands—and neither does Eric. He’s only there to win. Yet he can’t take his eyes off the new ring girl, a glitz-meets-pageant-queen vision of blonde perfection.

Down on her luck but not quite out, Vegas showgirl Trish Monroe lives for the spotlight. The scarred, steely-eyed loner who stares at her from his corner of the ring gives Trish an extra reason to strut her stuff.

Curiosity and the temptation of a no-strings good time bring them together. The discovery of their secret fetishes—she likes to show off, he likes to watch—turns mere sexual chemistry into a fiery exploration of matched passions. They’re a natural fit. Trust in love, however, is harder to earn than trust in bed, especially when this beauty and beast hide even from themselves.

FTC: I am a massive fan of the series. Both authors working under this name have been on the blog multiple times, but that didn’t influence my review.

I’m freaking devastated that this series is over. Yes, there are some quite frankly shocking scenes, and the kinks covered are certainly not for the faint of heart, but by God, it’s been an awesome ride. This series has been one of the most erotic, twisted and compelling reads I’ve read in a long while. I could not put any of the installments down once I picked them up and I defy anyone not to find at least one scene in the series that doesn’t send them running for the fridge door.

This is a story of voyeurism and exhibitionism. There are cameras, there is masturbation, there are FF and FFM sex and there is some down-right dirty talking throughout this panty-melting final installment. With a physically scarred hero and a mentally scarred heroine, you know there is going to be some angst going on here. I was hooked from the second I saw them both in the boxing arena and I kept going straight through to the epilogue. It was a fantastic finale.

Let’s be honest, Eric has been a complete douche in this series. A cocky man-whore, he was well on his way to being top of my shit-list until the accident. Now he is scarred, traumatized man who is forced into underground boxing to pay for a rehab stint for his baby brother. Yeah, it’s getting that dark already. Then he meets Trish and his world gets a little topsy turvy. Not only does she not give a crap about his scars, she revels in his kink. You see, Eric likes to watch. And photograph. And film. His ultimate fantasy is to film a sex scene, he has no part in and, as it turns out, showgirl Trish likes to be watched. It was a very clever move to give these two the careers that they have. It could have seemed like a stupid decision on her part, but it wouldn’t ruin her career if her sex-ploits became public knowledge and it sure as hell would ruin his. I couldn’t make my mind up whether or not I pitied Eric. The former heartthrob was a shadow of his former self and the things that he said to Trish made my heart actually skip a beat. Of course, he is still capable of some classic a-hole moments, but I adored him by the end.

Trish was a tough cookie. Completely broken by her complete douche of a mother, she didn’t seem to think that she has much to offer other than her body. Constantly “barbied” up, she even turned up to a BBQ, in complete party attire. I loved that she was trying her hardest to live up to her dream, but it broke my heart that what little confidence she had was eroded by her only parent. When she was with Eric she seemed to become something different. She was confident, sexual and at ease and I honestly believed in her as a whole person. When she was in company, or with her mother, she seemed so broken. He was so darn good for her, but he was also such a complete dipstick… I wanted to smack him upside the head.

The sex, oh my the sex. This series has some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read and this one has taken the award. I think the FFM scene is possibly the sexiest scene in the entire series and I loved the whole vibe between them in it. There is a hell of a lot of dirty talk in this book and, in this particular scene, it sent my blood pressure through the roof. These authors certainly know how to tie their readers up in knots!

This is an amazing finale to an amazing series. With kinky hot sex, a brutally scarred hero and a heroine who just wants to be liked, there was so much literary flesh to get my teeth into, I thought I’d gone to angsty book heaven. I challenge you not to get hot and bothered by this book..I didn’t manage it!


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