A Nix Review – Bite Me by PJ Schnyder (3.5 Stars)

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Few people walk the streets of London since the zombie outbreak, but that’s not an issue for Seth. As a werewolf, he can handle himself and save humans reckless enough to take a nighttime stroll. While on patrol he comes across a group of people under attack. The one woman brave enough to take a stand against the zombies catches his eye—and not just because of her way with a gun. Learning the beautiful woman is homeless and fends for herself only intensifies his urge to protect and care for her.

 Maisie can’t help but admit that she’s attracted to her werewolf rescuer. She’s drawn to Seth’s strength and ferocity, and finds herself opening up to him in ways she never imagined, even though she’s determined to not rely on Seth or anyone else. She doesn’t want another person to get hurt—or die—for her sake. She has enough scars, physical and emotional, from the last time…

 But when Seth realizes something is drawing the zombies to Maisie, there may be nothing he can do to save her… 

I was provided with this from NetGalley. I don’t have any sort of relationship with the author and requested this one on the basis of the cover and blurb alone.
This one was shorter than I expected, but boy did I enjoy it. London has been taken over by Zombies and the London Werewolf pack has come out of hiding to help in the fight against them. Humans are having to adapt very quickly to their strange new world and some seem to be coping better than others! I really enjoyed the thought of London as this desolate wasteland, the only people who live there too poor or too stubborn to leave. I loved the mention of landmarks that I recognized too; it helped me to really visualize the story.
The characters in this story meet very early on to the book and are attracted to each other pretty much instantaneously. I dealt with that plot easily because it is a common theme in PNR books. I did have a little bit of an issue with how quickly they engaged in sexual activity. It felt a little bit out of place with the previous events in the tale and, personally, I feel I would have preferred there to be a greater passage of time between near-death experiences with Zombies and the two of them getting it on. I suppose adrenaline and sex do go hand in hand though….
The brief look that we got at the pack Alpha Seth really intrigued me as to his character. A gruff man, we only mainly see him in his liaisons with Maisie, but even then you can tell just how he commands authority. I am a sucker for the “protective” urge of Alpha characters and this came across in the way he tried to feed and clothe her as he could tell that she had very little (Not in a pity way…more in a “You are mine” way..).  He was also sexy as hell J
Maisie was a bit of more difficult to relate to. I loved her feisty attitude and willingness to help the injured Seth but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the situation that she put herself in in the first place.  It felt like a woman, who was on crutches and couldn’t run, shouldn’t really be going out walking in a zombie hotspot on her own at the dead of night. I couldn’t fault her for the outcome, as she saved a family and met Seth, but I just felt the situation shouldn’t have happened in the first place!
I did enjoy the chemistry between the characters and the world was completely fascinating. I hate to say this (and you know I do; this comment pisses me off to even type it) but I do think it could have done with a few more pages. There was a hell of a lot of back-story, world-building and romance to fit into a short book and it’s a credit to the author that I managed to get a firm grasp on all of it. The thing that suffered for me was the end which was a little abrupt. It didn’t spoil the overall theme for me though.

This is a good novella to introduce a new series and I have to say I will be picking up the next one as soon as it’s out. The world-building was amazing and the introduction of werewolves into zombie-torn London was bound to keep me engaged.  I will be reading more… especially if there is this much sex in it… It’s very steamy J

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