A Nix Review – Breaking All Her Rules by Maisey Yates (3.5 Stars)

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Breaking All Her Rules by Maisey Yates
Published by Harlequin on 2014-08-12
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 91
Format: eBook

Buttoned-up financial consultant Grace Song lives life by her own strict rules. Spontaneity leads to chaos. Always play it safe. So when she shares a Manhattan cab with a handsome stranger and they accidentally swap cell phones, her first instinct is to track him down and put things right. Stay on track. Stick with the plan.

But when beyond-gorgeous Zack Camden answers the door draped only in a towel, Grace is suddenly inspired to ditch her rules for a day…and a night. Indulging in one delicious encounter with a perfect stranger is just the break she needs. But one turns into two, then three mind-blowing nights—and soon Grace is in danger of breaking the biggest rule of them all—never fall in love….

FTC : This book came from NetGalley. I have no relationship with the author, I just like her stuff.

There were parts of the book that I loved, there were parts that I didn’t love as much. At 91 pages, I think Maisey Yates did a damn fine job of making me believe in this love story and I certainly felt the heat….

Grace is a woman who lives to please everyone else. She is in a job she hates, has no friends and her social life is non-existant. To be honest, it seemed a pretty miserable existence up until she met Zach. As inadvisable as she thinks sleeping with Zach is, she just can’t seem to pull away from the crazy chemistry between them. One of my favourite parts in this book is where she decides to own her attraction to Zach and proposition him (which, of course, he accepts :D).

Over the course of the book, I enjoyed reading as Grace’s relationship with Zach made her realize how important it is to make herself happy, that her life should be her own. As I mentioned before, the heat between them steams up the pages and I don’t think there is denying that Maisey Yates can write a bloody good sex scene (scene against the table…. *fans*). My only issue was that, once that she started opening up, she didn’t stop, constantly reiterating things as if, the more she said them, the more everyone else would believe them, characters and readers alike.

Zach was an amazing character. The baggage he had was heart-breaking and a true barrier to his moving forward with his life. His story was the one that I wanted to read more than that of Grace and I think that it was because I wanted to see him heal so badly. He opened up but only to the point where he accepted a physical relationship; he wanted nothing more from her. I loved this sexy cowboy!

Overall, my issues were minor, only Grace’s constant dialogue and the rapid conclusion to the story really stick out as things I didn’t like. Other than that, this was a sexy, pacy novella with good character development and a fabulous sexy cowboy hero.  


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