A Nix Review – Brush Strokes by Dee Carney (4 Stars)

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Tanya spends all day every day staring at the nude form of her male model Joe. A very attractive man, it’s certainly no hardship, but the paintings don’t seem to be working for anyone. She has a room full of unfinished paintings and a patron who is getting antsy about the lack of finished work. When Joe offers to help her try a new technique to improve her work, she jumps at the chance at working more closely with him.
What Tanya doesn’t realize is that Joe is attracted to her. He’s been thinking of ways to get her to notice him as something other than an object to paint, and this seems like the perfect way to do it. By opening up Tanya’s senses and making her see him as a whole man, Joe unleashes Tanya’s desire for him. As they utilize all of her senses to explore his body, they embark on sexual journey like neither of them have ever experienced.
When tragedy strikes, Tanya’s career is left dangling by a thread. Her Patron has also decided to demand enough work to exhibit in a show and now the pressure is on. Can Joe help Tanya get together a portfolio at the same time as trying to build on the already fragile foundations of a relationship.
I was contacted by the author for a review of this book. First up, a big apology because this review should have been done a while ago.  I agreed to this review as I have read Dee Carney’s work before. I like her style of writing and I find the plots inventive and original. This one was no different.
The central point of this story is the burgeoning sexual relationship between an artist and her model. It was different, I’d go so far to say unique, and the whole premise intrigued me. The fact that it was a novella worked for me too; sometimes, I just need a bite sized book to fit into one day’s reading.
For a novella, there was a hell of a lot of sex; it is a very hot little number. It begins from one of the first scenes and is a constant theme throughout. When Joe convinces Tanya that she can’t look at  him as a 2D image to paint, he encourages her to stop using her eyes to explore his body and use her other senses. What follows is a very happy ending for him and a bucket load of confusion for her. They continue to explore his body in the same way, amping up the sexual tension and creating a whole heap of hot flushes for me. I loved this scene; it was so erotic yet so tender!
The progression of their story was very well plotted out. I did feel that Joe was more emotionally invested in their relationship than Tanya was; Joe’s entire focus was on them, but Tanya always had one eye on the paintings. I guess I can understand that, but it did make for a slightly lopsided tale. Again when disaster strikes, Joe was the more emotionally invested out of the two and actively created solutions and kept them together.
This is a short and sexy tale with an original premise and a lovely, dreamy leading man. With plenty of sex and an engaging plot, it’s definitely a fun read.   

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