A Nix Review – Burlesque Trio by Alexandra O’Hurley (5 Stars)

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Va-Va-Violet is a Burlesque dancer at the height of her career. Blonde, beautiful and bubbly, the crowd adore her and she keeps on bringing them in. Everything seems to be going great, that is until the fateful night that a secret stalker decides that she will become his in the most permanent way by committing murder-suicide the night before she is due to perform. Now she haunts the premises, drifting through time, watching the place that she loves so much change over the times. As the years advance, more ghosts join her in the building, destined to drift in limbo for eternity. The day that Parker and Ciprian take over the building is the most exciting day that she has in years, especially when they start to turn the building back to its former glory. Watching the building become an exact replica of the place she loved is fascinating; if only they had the Burlesque talent to go with the luxury interior. The horrible Missy that currently stars in the show isn’t exactly good for business. With her massive drug problem, constant bad attitude and bullying tactics towards the rest of the staff, she isn’t exactly the sunshine queen. When she overdoses in her dressing room on show night, the opportunity arises for Violet to enter Missy’s currently vacant body. Violet now has the chance to return the club to its former glory by becoming their star! Unfortunately Missy has made enemies of almost everyone in the club, not in the least Parker and Ciprian. Can she get them to trust her long enough to let her implement some much needed changes? And can she dance her way into their hearts, fulfilling a fantasy she has harboured ever since first saw them?

Well this was unexpected to say the least! I ended up with a review copy of the book after featuring it on my Sunday top picks. The author immediately contacted me and asked me to review it. Still, I don’t think I expected a book that I liked so much! Violet is a very fun character. Cut down in her prime, she can’t stand to see all these people waste their lives and talent. Missy is the worst that she has met to date, purely because she could be a talented dancer if only she stopped being such a douche. It also doesn’t help that the lovely Parker and Ciprian are in this timeline and she hasn’t wanted anyone they way that she wants them in years. She honestly doesn’t mean to jump into the body of Missy; she tries to save her and just ends up getting sucked in. Once she was in there, she vowed to make the most of it and I honestly couldn’t blame her. She was at the peak of her career when some selfish bastard decided to take her out. Seeing Missy p*ss away something so precious was annoying to her; I could imagine that I’d want to make the most of my impromptu second chance too! I enjoyed the way she was so comfortable with her own talent that she believed it made her sexy even in somebody else’s skin…she certainly isn’t shy about using her dancing to seduce the boys!

Parker and Ciprian are lovely characters and are, what I’ve come to think of, the typical ménage pairing. What I mean by this is that one is definitely more Alpha than the other but both are pretty dominant. Parker is the more easy going character. Smooth, seductive and completely willing to go for what he wants, he is also the one that wears his heart on his sleeve. Ciprian is the more dominant of the two, liking to step back and keep his feelings to himself. He is completely happy to go for what he wants once he knows he has little chance of rejection. Neither of them can believe the changes in the formally evil Missy. They also can’t quite believe the way their reactions to her can be so different and overwhelming. I enjoyed the way they fought against their feelings at the start. Neither wanted to believe that they could be attracted to her. Once they gave in, they gave in in style!! At first, they came to her separately, each encounter as hot as the previous, but secretly I despaired. I hate ménage that’s forced or half assed and these two were not the “hunt in packs” kinda dudes. Once she told them that she wanted them to share her, I cringed a little more. I have waxed lyrical about my hatred of ménage where the men are uncomfortable with each other. Once they both realised that they had some voyeuristic tendencies, and also seemed to balance each other out in terms of rough and smooth, they got with the game plan. Boy oh boy were these scenes hot! There was oral sex, anal sex, normal sex and finally, and a first for me, double vaginal penetration. This one made me wince…sorry! The sex scenes were believable, hot and, most importantly, comfortable. I believed that she could be this sexually adventurous because, although she was from a different time, she had been present for a very long time.

I wondered how this would work out. Missy’s ghost was constantly in the background, hustling for her body back. I didn’t feel bad that Violet had her body; she took the chance of losing her life when she took so many drugs and she was a horrible character! Also, I liked the boys far too much to see them lose the love of their lives in such a cruel way. Once they actually found out who she was (which I assumed they would have to) I didn’t know how they would take it. A mysterious menacing presence around the club also started to mess with Violet and her ghostly friends. There were a lot of obstacles in the way of the true love and some would not be resolved easily; I was hooked from the word go.

This book was a page turner from start to finish for me. With a fantastic hook (she was a ghost for crimminies sake!) and amazing characters, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. At 120 pages, it isn’t the longest read but it really is worth investing your time in. I loved every second of it-a recommended read!

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