A Nix Review – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Bella Andre (5 Stars)

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When Gabe rescues Megan and her daughter Summer from their burning home, he recognises the pull of attraction that he feels when he looks at her. But Gabe has learned his lesson about dating people he rescues on the job because it’s darn hard to be the hero they expect to see every-day.  Megan too recognises the pull of attraction, but puts it down to the fact that he had saved the life of her and her daughter. After her husband died, she swore she would never get involved with a man in a risky job. They resolve to keep away from each other but Summer has other ideas. When she decides to take a shine to the man who is her hero, Gabe and Megan find themselves in a situation where they have to try to be friends.  Try as they might, they can’t ignore the fireworks that flare between them when they’re alone. Scheming from little Summer and members of his family don’t make resisting each other any easier. Once they give into the heat, can they ever let go of their fears enough to truly give their relationships a chance?

OK, I read this book a while ago, but I decided to buy and read the other books in the series before I ran with the review. I am absolutely in love with this series. A family of hot men who have family values, tender streaks a mile long and all seem to love kinky sex? Sign me the hell up. Gabe’s book is book three in the series. From previous books I know that Gabe is a little bit of a man-ho. Once he meets Megan, and sees how brave she is, he can’t help but feel the pangs of lust once again. He’s dated a survivor before, knows exactly why it doesn’t work, so will quite happily steer well clear. Of course, that’s not going to happen with the tenacious Summer. She wants to say thank you to the man who saved both her and her mum, so forces them to meet again. Once they do, there is no denying the fact that there is some serious chemistry between them. Still, Gabe tries to resist. I love watching a man fall à la Mr Darcy….he knows he shouldn’t, knows that it may end in tears but still cannot help himself. Once he sees her as more than another number on the bed-post, he realises that he could be in trouble. I loved his character and all his swoon worthy kinky ways; I wanna know where I can get me one of these 🙂 Megan is not quite so impressed, so they make the decision to be friends (with some benefits of course :D). We all know how that goes in these stories.  Once he accepts that fighting his feelings is a stupid idea, he begins his sensuous chase of her.

I never get to post hot firemen…..today I do *grins*
Megan is a little bit of different story. Her fear is harder to shift as it involves both her and her daughter. She agrees to be friends, she agrees to have sex but she really does not want to start a relationship with a man who takes risks for a living? I enjoyed that she was so devoted to her child that she put her needs before her own, that even with the all-consuming lust she feels she won’t give in. However, Gabe is a patient man, who pushes without ever overruling, and he tries his hardest to woo the only woman he has really been in love with. Question is will he be successful?

I loved this book. In fact, I love this series. These men are perfect heroes for contemporary romances and I have adored watching each one fall. Sexy fireman Gabe is a lot tougher to crack than his brothers, but read his story and you will understand just how valid his reasoning for that is. A gorgeous love story which addresses many of the H/h issues whilst keeping me entertained with scorching hot sex.

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