A Nix Review – Chairman of the Whored by Lucy V.Morgan (4 Stars)

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Leila is a full time lawyer and part time whore.  She needs the money to keep a roof over her parents head, but she has come to enjoy life as her alter ego Charlotte. Hired by an exclusive prostitute service, she has a plethora of clients who want her to do scenes ranging from role-play to lesbianism. She only has a few rules, the most important of which is that she doesn’t do lawyers. Imagine her surprise when she walks into her latest job’s hotel room and there sits her desk-mate Matt and her boss Joseph. Nervous for her job, but more than a little turned on, she sees one of her dirtiest fantasies come to life when she engages in a very smutty threesome with the two very different men. Once Matt leaves the room, Joseph tells her in no uncertain terms that she cannot sell her body anymore if she wants to keep her job. Instead he offers her an alternative job; become his personal whore for the three remaining jobs she needs to do to pay off the mortgage on her parents’ house.

Having no alternative but to accept his offer, Leila finds herself becoming the personal sex slave to the Chairman of the Whored.  When Matt starts to try to date her, she finds herself between two men and some very twisted games. Can she come to terms with the Leila she wants to be and the Charlotte who wants to escape?

This book confused me. I have never felt so much animosity towards characters in a book I have enjoyed; I honestly felt a bit dirty. This is the way I explained it to a friend. The characters didn’t annoy me; I simply didn’t like them. I can’t read a book where I want to kill the characters because they irritate me, but I didn’t feel this way about these lot. I will do my disclaimers now. For those who care, this book deals with infidelity, edge play, lesbianism, voyeurism, ménage, anal sex, anal play, prostitution, knife play and a whole host of smutty smutty sex. I class this book as erotica and therefore the plot revolves around sex. Still with me? Good, because this book is definitely worth a read.

Someone once told me I had a low expectation of character development in erotica. Well, I got to know the three characters in this one. They were so unbelievably flawed that I was entranced by them. I wanted to find out more about them, work out what made them tick. It was a little disconcerting to know that this twisted side of me exists. Leila was a heroine that didn’t know which way was up. She was a very dirty girl, but she made herself feel better about the choices she made by putting her actions down to Charlotte, her alter-ego. I could understand her, hell I could even slightly relate to her. She enjoyed the down-right dirty things she did in her part-time job, and rarely had to fake an orgasm or arousal, but she thought she was twisted for doing it, so hid behind a mask. I’m not sure I believe that she would have ever given up Charlotte, but that became a null point when the pair of prats stepped foot into her world. I honestly felt sorry for her and I think that the strong author voice that came through the entire novel helped me relate to Leila; we all have secret sides to ourselves that we feel the need to hide from everyone else….hell, I don’t even admit to fondness for smut to my off-line friends but It’s OK on the internet.

These two men were the men you don’t read about in cosmo, that your mamma warns you against. Both of them love her whorish side. One doesn’t want to meet anything other than that side and the other wants to suppress it and change her (unless he wants sex or course). I honestly don’t know which one I disliked more and to be honest, I wanted her to kick both of them to the curb and run away with her sex-scene partner (he is fab!) Joseph has the morals of a snake. He likes to use prostitutes (even whilst attached) and is the one to hatch the plot to hire her to share with Matt. I have absolutely no doubts he went in with the plan to blackmail her into becoming his personal servicer; he just didn’t need to because turns out she likes her second job. I hated the slimy toad but the sex scenes which he initiates were some of the most erotic in the book. I felt dirty for hating him yet finding him so damn arousing in the book; I think I know where Leila was coming from! The thing that annoyed me the most about him was that he only wanted to have the sexual side of her but he was willing to mess with every other aspect of her life for absolutely no reason what so ever. He was a cock.

Matt wasn’t much better. He tried to court her with his eyes open, yet still tried to judge her for her choices and change her. I don’t care if Leila had a foot fetish and liked to have sex whilst dressed as a chicken, no one should be made to feel bad about their preferences. He made my blood boil. There were several parts of the plot I wanted to slap the judgemental little worm, but I could understand her need to feel “normal” and have a “normal” boyfriend. I just hoped to God it wasn’t with him. He hated what she did, yet loved the tricks she picked up along the way. He was contradicting himself constantly throughout their relationships…I guess you could say he hit a nerve.

I hated the two male characters, yet I was so engaged by the female lead I had to keep reading. The sex was off the charts erotic and the plot was so twisty I couldn’t guess what would happen next. 

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