A Nix Review – Deacon’s Touch by Callie Croix (5 Stars)

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Jessica has dropped everything to be part of the bachelorette party at the dude ranch.  Not looking forward to leaving her world behind, she comes armed with mobile phone and laptop, ready to continue her work in-between the revelry. When a hunky cowboy turns up as her ride from the airport to the ranch, she can’t quite believe her luck. Immediately, attraction flares between the two of them and soon the car journey is starting to get them both a little hot under the collar. But Jess is off limits to Deke as a guest at the ranch and Deke is a complication that Jess doesn’t need after her broken relationship. Both have their doubts, but when they keep finding themselves alone together, soon the attraction is too strong to deny. Once they succumb to the inevitable heat that is between them, they head on a sensual and emotional journey together. But the bachelorette party is a short term holiday and soon Jess will be returning home.  Will they be content to part ways after such a short, hot fling? Or will they find another outcome to find out if they are a more than just sex?

I was given this novella as a review copy but I will be quite happy to part with my money for the next two. I didn’t expect such as emotional core to such a short little smutty book, but that is what I found. Jessica was a woman that needed a break. As a person who is often too busy to leave work at work, I understood the stress that she was under not to take a break at a crucial point. She needed a break and by golly did Deacon give her one. He was a tall, dark mysterious cowboy with a painful military background. Injured during a jump landing, he has been living with the pain since his return and he just isn’t the same. He hasn’t been excited in a long time, but Jess certainly excites him. When she starts to show interest in him too, he can’t resist trying to coax her to succumb to his charms.

Once they begin to explore their kinkier side, the feelings that have been developing since their initial meeting, start to explode. I enjoyed the build-up to the sex scenes; the flirtatious looks, the coy smiles and the hot and steamy kisses were enough to whet my appetite for a romance. It was obvious that these two were heading for the bedroom, that what would happen would be satisfying for both them and me. What I didn’t expect was the depth of feeling that started to develop between these two. Neither of them knew what to expect from the other, but what they find are people who are happy to accept and soothe all aspects of their characters.  

A fabulous steamy Cowboy novella with a lovely little plot and a believable love story. There are another two brothers on the dude ranch and I will be reading both of their books.

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