A Nix Review – Defying the Odds by Kele Moon (5 Stars)

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Melody is on the run. After filing for a restraining order against her abusive ex-husband, she starts afresh in Garnet, filing the only job available and becoming a waitress. When she spies the humungous, lonely man in her waiting area, she can’t help but try to cheer him up with some pumpkin pie. Little does she know that one act puts her directly into the path of Clay, UFC fighter and general arse.

Clay is not known for his social skills. Nice only to his best friends Wyatt and Jules, he won’t even court the legions of fans that adore him, preferring to come off as arrogant rather than engage in a conversation. When Melody offers him free pie, for no other reason than she wants to make a nice gesture, something inside him clicks. Her generosity in-spite of her obvious poverty, along with her pretty looks and gentle ways, stir things inside he has never felt before.  Determined to woo the skittish waitress, but unsure how to do this, he starts to visit her every day. Before long, the obvious chemistry starts tongues wagging in the small town.

Both parties are damaged by the sins of the past, leaving the scars deep and near impossible to heal. With the odds against them, will they manage to go the distance to create a happiness long time coming for the both of them?

Oh my, oh my, oh my I think I fell in love with this book from the second that Clay started to pretty much stalk Melody. I know, I’m an odd ball but he was just so darned cute. Clay was so clearly damaged that he just didn’t know how to deal with other people. In fact, between him, Jules and Wyatt, they could have covered the spectrum of emotional problems. They were all each other had and all each other needed. Well, until Clay meets Melody. He is so persistent in his affections but it never quite crosses the line to becoming too much. He just turns up at her work every-night, gets to know her and managed to wheedle his way into her heart the long way round. Having the people skills of a rock (and the physique :D) he doesn’t really know how to court her so it’s all very much a “suck it and see” kind of approach. Some of it really made me smile. Melody is attracted to him, but unwilling to get involved. Once he starts to become someone she can rely on, she starts to accept her attraction towards him and lets him in.

The smexing between them is unfricking believable…it’s so raw and hot that it blew me away. It also contains some of the most awesome lines I’ve ever read in smut. Clay has never done a relationship before, never said all the words that we all say and gained the scars to prove them false. He is so honest, so raw, that even the dirtiest of lines become somewhat romantic;

“”Go ahead.” Clay’s voice turned low and gravelly with sex. “Use it; fuck it. It belongs to you; own it””

It made for some seriously erotic scenes and some seriously clammy palm inducing sex.

As you can tell, I now have a soft spot for Clay but Melody was an awesome character too. The thing I liked the most was that she recognised that just because the ex was an abusive idiot, doesn’t mean that all men are. Clay is a physically imposing, blunt, socially impotent man but she isn’t afraid of him; the reason that she doesn’t want to get involved is she doesn’t want to unload her baggage on him. It is also her problems that look to be the reason that they may not survive the duration; her mental scars are deep and on-going.  There are some truly heart stopping moments towards the later stages of this book….If it’d been a film, there would have been a pillow over my face.

A fabulous smutty book which I hope evolves into a fantastically smutty series. The complete lack of censorship that Clay imposes on his feelings made for a fantastically intense and erotic tale. There are some more spicy scenes, but we all know I’m a perv so I’m OK with it J He is DEFINITELY part of my book hottie harem 

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