A Nix Review – Diamond Dust by Vivian Arend (5 Stars)

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She can’t shift, but she can shake their world.


Caroline Bradley is having one hell of a week. Her wolf lover has sniffed out his mate, making her an instant free agent. Not only that, Takhini territory has been overrun with aggressive bear-shifters electing a clan leader, and the wolf pack is feeling the effects—pushing her diplomatic skills to the limit.


Tyler Harrison is a grizzly on a mission. If he’s going to win the majority of the bears’ votes, he needs one final thing: a female companion. The only woman in town with influence over wolves, humans, and more bears than he’d like to admit, is Caroline.


Despite the sexual pull between them, though, Tyler’s not seeking a permanent relationship. And Caroline isn’t looking to be anyone else’s political pawn. But she should have remembered that when shifters are involved, changes happen in the blink of an eye.


Warning: Billionaire bear hero plus kick-ass human heroine equals a sexually volatile power struggle. Get ready for what might be the naughtiest game of tag that’s ever been played in the great outdoors.

FTC disclaimer… I have worked with Vivian Arend on many occasions and consider myself a fan. I didn’t get paid for the review but the book was provided by the author for an honest review.
I have always loved Viv’s wolfie series and I have to say that this particular series is definitely my favourite of all the series. I approached this one with a mixture of trepidation and excitement because, although this book is set in the wolf world, this one is all about bears. Turns out I fricking love bear shifters. Grumpy, blunt and oh so sexy, the bears in this series all held my attention. Viv has stated that she *may* do some more books with bears in them… I’m down with that!
Although these books could be read as standalones, I recommend that you read the other two. Only then will you understand certain reactions that the characters have. Wolfies have insta-mates and that insta-mate can only be another wolfie… it’s something to remember when going into this book. Now bears, bears have no such issues. Bears just have to make sure that both human and bear are happy with the mate in question….
I have loved Caroline in this series so far. A human in the shifter world, she has had to come up with some serious skills to survive in a world of teeth and claws. She is a very strong lady but also quite good with the whole negotiation thing; I enjoyed the way she dealt with the characters in this book. I felt a little sorry for her when she and Evan parted ways, but then she meets Tyler and all hell breaks loose. I adored the way she embraced her steep learning curve when it came to dealing with the bears. She could have been a complete pain in the arse but she bent for him and adapted. Now don’t get me wrong, she didn’t change the core of her personality (and she gave him hell throughout the book) but she did at least try to follow the social protocols. She is one of my favourite heroines in the wolfie world.
Tyler was such a hoot. Completely inept at wooing Caroline, he kind of blundered his way into her good graces. He was oh so Alpha (i.e. bossy and sexy) but, in terms of dealing with Caroline, he was completely out at sea. He insulted her, was a little bit overbearing and he pretty much lied about his identity. It may sound like he is a bit of an arse of a hero but in fact it was endearing and hilarious…I chuckled all the way through my flight. When he turns on the sexy, oh my, it’s hawt! He is a bossy bear who knows what he wants and it was quite entertaining to watch his pursuit of her as he is so obviously used to getting exactly what he wants. Of course what he wants is her in his bed until he grows bored of her…. yeah, that’s the way these books go (!).
There is a little cliff hanger for Evan’s book as he scents his mate in the beginning of this book. I love Evan and I only hope his mate will be someone wildly inappropriate who will give him hell! I can’t wait for his book…. Alpha heroes are always so yummy!
As with all of Viv’s books, this one is a hot and steamy romp that left me needing a cold shower. With a bossy bear and a feisty heroine, this book made me laugh and swoon all the way through. I haven’t decided whether I want my own wolfie or my own bear yet… J

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