A Nix Review – Doubled by Charlotte Stein (5 Stars)

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Toby and Sebastian are a girl’s wet dream. Handsome, charming, identical twins, they would be the perfect date for any red-blooded female. Bobbi has been friends with the two of them for years and has had a crush on both of them for about the same amount of time. Certain that she is not the type of girl that could ever tempt either of them, she is happy to be their friend. When a game of “guess which twin I am” escalates into a steamy game of blindman’s buff, Bobbie starts to realise that maybe the boys want her as more than just a friend. One man is more than enough for Bobbie; can she really handle the pair of them? And how can she expect other people accept their relationship when she has problems with the thought of a ménage?

Wow, wow,wow! I have long been a fan of Charlotte Stein and once again she has hit on a winner. This is a seriously hot ménage with two very hot twins….it turned me into a hot mess whilst reading it. Toby and Sebastian are twins who fall in lust with the same girl. I have long been desensitised to ménage storylines with twins; I am no longer bothered by them as long as there is no pork-sword crossing (*snigger*…I’m a child!). At 89 pages long, I put it straight into the short story category and therefore this will be a shortie review J

Toby and Sebastian are used to people getting them mixed up. In fact one of the reasons they seem to like Bobbi so much is that she never has a problem telling them apart. They are two halves of a whole and I’m kinda used to this being used a reasoning for ménage; they are so alike they fall for the same girl. They broke my little heart when they declared that life would be easier for them and their kinky-needs if they were just one person….they just needed to be accepted. They were sensitive to the needs of Bobbi, really tried not to scare or push her into a direction she was uncomfortable with and I just adored them. When they started with their sexy games…..HOT DAMN! I almost combusted during the blindfold game scenes. Ms Stein tends to write scenes which I find highly erotic and these were off the heat scale.
I found Bobbi’s reactions very realistic. She was scared at the thought of having a relationship with the two of them, scared that she wouldn’t be enough and that other people wouldn’t understand. I found her idea of a time-share deal of her to be quite depressing but she couldn’t deny the fact that she was attracted to them or that she wanted them both in a very carnal way. Although at times I found her attitude incredibly selfish, overall I found her highly entertaining. She was snarky and I found her involvement in the tale to be laugh out loud funny at points. I quite liked her.
A funny, smutty tale, which made my heart race and my palms sweat. I didn’t put it down from the time I picked it up and I was really quite sad when it ended. It’s certainly changed my view of the game Blindman’s buff.    

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