A Nix Review – Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin (3.75 Stars)

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Marcus is an occasional sub inside of the bedroom and an Alpha outside.Never being able to fully reconcile with his desires, he has had a series of unsuccessful relationships. When he first meets Bella, every bone in him acknowledges what a sexy woman she is but it is only after he discovers what that sexy librarian wants in the bedroom that he truly starts to gravitate towards her.
After a series of drastically bad experiences in the bedroom, Bella realizes that she wants a man to dominate occasionally  One look at Marcus and she dismisses the chance of her the firefighter ever being her sub. When he starts to actively pursue her, she discovers that he wants a woman just like her; a woman who wants to both take and give control. Neither of them know much about their desires, but together they embark on a journey of sexual discovery. On a trip to a BDSM B&B, they get to play out their fantasies to see where it could lead.
But although submitting seems subconsciously natural to Marcus, consciously he can’t seem to align the two parts of himself. Will this Alpha hero ever be able to fully come to terms with his submissive side? Or will he forever entangle himself in trysts that don’t quite fit but don’t make him feel like less of a man?
This one was a nice story but it had potential to be brilliant. The angst count was quite low and I feel that Marcus came to terms with his issues far too easily….I must be a bit of an emotional  sadist because I wanted to see more angst! I did enjoy the elements of Dominance that were present in the book (there is no real bondage or discipline) and would love to see more from these characters in the future! I loved the dynamic of the relationship when it was working, the sex scenes being fun yet hot, a combination which makes me always want to read more.
The real thing that I loved about this book was the relationship of Bella with the group of old ladies that she socialized with. They were awesome, like the Golden Girls but slightly more pervy. I felt that these characters actually drove the plot forward more than the main characters did, being the catalyst for the changes within the relationship. They were the ones who convinced her to give him a chance, the ones that gave Marcus the “talking to” he needed in order to sort through his feelings and  were the ones whose situations gave opportunities for our H/h to have a happy ending.  They were funny, sweet and awesome and they were the highlight of the story for me.
I enjoyed the concept of the BDSM hotel. I haven’t read the first in the series but will definitely pick it up now and have marked book three on my GR account. Yes, this book wasn’t my favorite I’ve read recently, but the writing and concept make me want to read a lot more. 
I loved that this author has created this theme, loved that she was brave enough to try to write a romance with an Alpha switch and will definitely be reading more. I want the hotel managers story…. the glimpse I had makes me want to read more (gotta love a voyeur!)    

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