A Nix Review – Forbidden Fires by Jodie Griffin (4.5 Stars)

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Book three of Bondage & Breakfast


A year ago, Detective Delia Robinson and Fire Marshal Colin Butler got up close and personal while working a case. But their sizzling relationship didn’t last. Now there’s a serial arsonist on the loose, and it’s up to Delia and Colin to bring him down–if they can resist their attraction long enough to concentrate on the investigation.


Delia quickly sees the connection between the crime scenes: elements of BDSM. Though she denies it, Colin is stunned by the realization that his former lover is aroused by the idea of bondage play. And suddenly he can’t stop fantasizing about being the one to bind her…


Unsure how Colin would react, Delia never revealed her desire to be dominated in the bedroom. But she’ll finally have the chance to find out when they go deep undercover–as a married couple at a B&B offering classes in domination and submission…


Look for Forbidden Fantasies and Forbidden Desires, available now.

I read this one on the strength of the last and I am so glad I did. This one is linked slightly to the last one but can easily be read alone as the author does a good job of making sure that we have the information we need without being repetitive.  This book is a hot novella that would be fantastic for readers both new and old to the BDSM genre.
As soon as I realised that the two lead characters have a previous relationship, I knew that I was on to a winner.  Delia and Colin basically had a whole lot of sex for a while and, now they are back working on a case together, the chemistry between them starts to rise again.  Once the BDSM motive was realised in the case of the Arson, we end up at Bondage and Breakfast, which is the concept that drew me towards the series in the first place. I adore the whole ethos of the place and it was used very well in this novel.
Delia and Colin enter the B&B with the cover story being that they are a married couple who want to explore BDSM. This isn’t far from the truth as Delia is curious about BDSM after reading about it in stories. I loved this set up as, for once, it isn’t a traditional route for a BDSM tale. Colin is not a Dom, and has no interest in BDSM, but he does want to please Delia so is willing to try. Once there he realises that he could get quite into BDSM because he loves the way she reacts to him. Not once did I feel that he was into BDSM for the control; it was all about her and giving her what she wanted/needed. I liked that and it made me believe in their romance even more.  It also made me love him even more…even if I couldn’t get over his name (Colin??…not incredibly sexy).
Under the guise of a couple new to BDSM, they enter the B & B and try to fool Gabe. Of course, because he is all kinds of awesome, it takes Gabe all of a day to figure them out (can I have his book next…PLEASE??). Not before, however, one of the hottest scenes in the book where Gabe gives Colin his first Dom lesson. I love this theme of teaching and safety that runs through the entire book; some BDSM books seem to just assume that people are innately able to know the techniques used to correctly Top someone and it freaks safety conscious me out! Of course then they have to continue the ruse for the sake of the case and, in pretending to be someone else, they can explore the boundaries of a BDSM relationship between them with, what they think, is limited emotional risks. Of course it isn’t that simple!! I did love the way they explored a sexual relationship between them. I know they were being daft, and that it would all explode around their ears, but there it was fun to watch. The setting was the perfect for all this to happen and Gabe was the perfect guide.
The crime plot was resolved quite quickly but it wasn’t about that. Although I loved the little tit-bits that came with the case (the penis lampshade….. cute) my main focus was on the burgeoning romance between the two lead characters.  I wanted these two characters to be able to work towards a good future together.
This is a hot and steamy novella with a satisfying slice of BDSM. With two very strong characters, it was a pleasure to see them wrestle out the boundaries of their relationship in the lovely sounding Bondage and Breakfast.

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