A Nix Review – Haunted Wolves by Moira Rogers (4 Stars)

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He hunts nightmares. She survives them.


Green Pines, Book 2


Lorelei Adams has lost many things–her humanity, her life, even her son. She’s always fought through her exhaustion, always stayed strong for her pack, but now there are new alphas to take care of the others. Unfortunately, time to rest means time to think about her own pain.


Colin Knox knows about exhaustion. He’s acted as judge, jury and executioner to rogue wolves for over a decade, but never lingered long enough to help the survivors pick up the pieces–until now. Lorelei rouses his instincts, both protective and carnal. She’s willing, but only to indulge in physical distraction. Colin wants more, to be the hero who slays her monsters.


Especially when it becomes clear that malicious magic is loose in their sanctuary. The danger draws them together until it’s impossible to separate lust from affection, good intentions from rationalizations. Darkness is stirring at Green Pines. If they can’t fight it together, they could lose everything they have left.


Warning: Contains a weary vigilante hero looking for a place to call home and a stubborn werewolf heroine unwilling to admit she needs help. Also appearing: small town prejudices, big city dangers, naked chases through the woods and ghosts. Lots of ghosts.

This review was requested by the publicist of the author. I did enjoy the first in the series, hence the agreement to the review, but that wouldn’t have influenced my decision. I did not get paid for this review but have dealt with the author in the past.
Do not read this book if you haven’t read the first in the series. You will be confused and, to be honest, in places I was a little confused even though I had reviewed it. I am a bit of scatter brain and had issues remembering the back story of each of the characters. That would be my only complaint!
This series is not an easy read. Compellingly twisty and fraught, it takes concentration to keep track of the action that is packed into this novella.  There is a lot of plot threads interwoven but the main focus was the romance between the two main characters. For the sake of this review, I will be focusing there, but I will say that I did find the magic plot a little confusing. I knew that this element of danger was used to keep the tension high, and drive them together, but I found it a little awkward.
I really really liked Lorelei. A strong heroine, she was used to standing in the way of trouble to protect others, no matter what the cost to herself. As soon as I heard her back story, I knew that I wanted her to get a HEA. She was constantly putting others first and I knew that she would need a strong hero to stop her unrelenting need to sacrifice herself for the other women. The way she responded to Colin was quite heartbreaking. She was only willing to use him to sate the physical response to him and I just wanted her to realise that she could have more.  She could be happy if she let him in but the layers of abuse had caused some pretty massive damage. She had some very deep secrets that she was protecting too which were more important to her than acting on an attraction to Colin.
The chemistry between Colin and Lorelei was pretty awesome all the way through the tale. Colin was yummy. He was broken in his own way but he was so used to protecting people that it was second nature to gravitate towards Lorelei. He didn’t want to be drawn to her but his wolf recognised his mate. He didn’t want to be the person that just warmed her bed and so tried to push maybe that little bit too much which it frustrated me.  He had his own conflicts that kept him away from anything too serious as he didn’t know how to run with a pack for a long time and the one thing he understood about Lorelei was her need for pack. It was all very angsty!!
There is a lot of other things going on and I will be picking up the rest of the series. I must read as each of these broken people get some healing!
This is the second in a series that is fast becoming something that I would auto-buy.  This is an angsty, sexy ride with some seriously tortured, self-sacrificing characters that needed some love. 


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