A Nix Review – How To Love by Kelly Jamieson (4 Stars)

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Relationship, no…but threesome, hell yes!


San Amaro Singles, Book 2


Ever since Jules’s new neighbor moved in, she’s been undressing him in her mind. Mike is the fresh inspiration she needs to make her erotic photography studio a success, if she can convince him and his equally buff roommate, Carlos, to strip for her lens. And maybe indulge in a little off-camera fun as well.


But Jules isn’t too worried. She doesn’t do relationships, but she loves men and sex—and in her experience, most men are okay with that.


Judging from the raw emotions leaping from the images in Jules’s gallery, Mike senses there’s a lot going on beneath her flirtatious, slightly cynical exterior. He and Carlos are happy in their committed relationship, but they’ve always felt there’s a piece missing. They want a woman. Jules could be that woman.


A threesome with two committed men? Sounds like an emotionally risk-free dream come true for Jules. But when they make it clear they want more, her deepest fears push to the surface, straining bonds forged in incredible heat to the breaking point…



Warning: The book features two hot men brave enough to climb cliffs, strip naked for erotic photographs, have sex in a portrait studio and on a cliff, and who have the courage to teach a commitment-phobic woman how to love.

I was given this book by the publisher for review. I actually do adore this author’s work and have had her on several events on the blog. I wouldn’t let this influence my opinion of her work.
I really did enjoy this one though I’ll admit I had reservations about it at first. Having read other books where an established couple gain a third, and seen authors destroy relationships for the new ones, I was worried about how this one would pan out. I liked Mike and Carlos as a couple and couldn’t do anything other than worry that they would invite a character such as Jules into their relationship. She wasn’t long-term relationship and that was a recipe for disaster.
Mike and Carlos were a couple I adored. Both quite dominant personalities, the dynamic between them was quite fascinating to watch. Both bi-sexual, they had long since decided that they needed a woman to be a part of what they had, as they felt they were missing something. I worried about this. I liked the fact they had openly discussed it and agreed to it but the fact that they weren’t enough for each other made me worry there was something intrinsically wrong with them. Once they picked Jules, I thought I was reading the beginning of the end!
Jules is not a character that I wanted to put into the relationship with Mike and Carlos. She was blatantly not looking for anything other than sex, even going so far as to admit to breaking up with previous partners for starting to get serious. I knew from the offset what Mike and Carlos wanted and it wasn’t what Jules was willing to give. I worried I was reading another self-destruct ménage! She was likeable as a individual character but I struggled with her self-enforced single status as I felt she was closing me to the rest of her.
One thing that I did not enjoy was the deception. Mike started a relationship with Jules under the guise of wanting something casual and completely omitting his relationship with Carlos. I do not enjoy deceptive characters and this did annoy me. I am glad that this only took up a small portion of the book or I may not have managed to finish it.
The sex in this book was amazingly well written. Whether it is MM, MF, MMF or MFM, the sex is scorching hot and full of emotion.  There is no combination of pairings that I preferred AFTER they all got together. Before, I felt a little too sorry for Carlos to let myself enjoy it as anything other than just sex. It was all a little heart-breaking for me to see Carlos not be able to be with his partner or Jules and find himself completely alone.  Once they started the ménage, I really started to get into it and boy did it leave me needing a cold shower! All three are into this and all three are willing to try anything… I just love sexually liberated characters 🙂
Of course, I was reading this completely expecting the shit to hit the fan and it did. I knew it was coming but I hated that I was right. I had no idea what to expect from the ending as, in the past, an authors version of a HEA is not the one I wanted.  I was scared!
Overall, this is a book that conflicted the crap out of me. It hit some of my angry buttons but it pulled so many emotions from me, I was destined to enjoy it. With sexy, angsty characters having scorching hot sex, there was no way I was going to be able to put it down 🙂

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