A Nix Review – Immortal Surrender by Claire Ashgrove (4.5 Stars)

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Noelle has been carbon dating archaeological finds for nearly 6 years. Over that period of time, her aged friend Gabriel has given her many religious artifacts to examine. Some have been real and some fake, but the latest one has come up trumps. He has brought her the Sudarium of Oviedo, a piece of cloth supposedly used to clean up Christ after his crucifixion, and the dating seems to match the story. Being the possessor of such a relic could leave her in danger from fanatics, so Gabriel hired her a team of body guards. Unfortunately, none of them seem to love the assignment….
Farran is part of the Knights Templar and the main bodyguard of Noelle. She thinks that she is just returning the relic to its rightful owner but the truth is actually far more sinister. The Relic can give Azazel incredible power and so he is quite willing to send his Demons to kill her to get it. The Archangel Gabriel (i.e. Gabriel her friend) has ordered him to protect the relic, well that’s what he thinks until he discovers that she is a Seraph. In fact, she’s not just any Seraph; she’s the Sepraph that is destined to be his mate.
Farran wants nothing to do with a predetermined mate. He knows that they have to be mates in public, but he will not give her either his body or his heart. Noelle is a complete atheist who rejects the very idea of all things Catholic. When Farran tells her what she is, she literally laughs in his face. He doesn’t want a mate, she doesn’t believe in mates (but thinks he may be a little bit crazy) but there is definitely an attraction simmering underneath their chatter. Will they give into their lust (of course they will 😀 ) And once they do, will their differences make it any more than an act of release of sexual energy?
Well, this book was unexpected. I hadn’t read the first in the series but the attention to detail in this one made me feel like I’d missed nothing. The order of the Templar’s are charged with the protection of the Earth and Church from Demons. They walk the world alone until they find their Seraph, the one that is mean’t to be their mate. The mated pair will have an identical mark somewhere on their body and this shall be their identifier once they are discovered. If the Templar becomes tempted or broken, he shall become a Dark Knight and this is the one thing that we are trying to avoid.
Our particular Templar is a complete prat. He carries around a lot of baggage to do with his ex-wife and has vowed never to allow himself to be manipulated by a woman again. Once he realizes that she is his mate, he starts to become almost paranoid about her supposed “manipulations” towards him. She wears perfume, she’s trying to seduce him. She wears a jumper to bed, she is flaunting her womanly wiles. It really is quite amusing. He is so desperate to push her away, he is quite willing to turn her into a complete whore in his mind to achieve his goal. Unfortunately for him, you can only fight an attraction like his for so long and then they are scorching up the sheets together. But their individual reasons remain and then there is the pesky mission to keep her alive still looming…. it could all go very wrong. I liked watching Farran’s character fall but I didn’t really like his character. He was an arrogant man who wore his heartbreak like a shield against the world.
Noelle is a complete atheist who thinks everyone around her is completely bonkers. I liked her but she wasn’t one for seeing what was in front of her face very easily. I enjoyed her feistiness and completely agreed with her initial Farran stance. Who the hell would be flattered to be repeatedly treated like a whore, told they were unwanted and treated with something akin to disdain simply because she has a particular mark that she didn’t volunteer to carry. She was refreshing and intriguing….I hope we see more of her in subsequent books!
Overall, this was a hot and steamy read set in this imaginative world where Knights are immortal and Angels walk amongst us. With two incredibly hard-headed leads, this was never going to be an easy ride. A recommended read and series…. bring on book 3 J 

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