A Nix Review – Mai Tai for Two by Delphine Dryden (2.5 Stars)

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Mai Tai for Two by Delphine Dryden
Published by Harlequin on 2014-05-13
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 133
Format: eBook
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Julie’s Hawaiian Vacay Itinerary!
You and your “work husband” have just won an all-expenses-paid vacation in Oahu.  Now the fun begins…

1.Get lei’d. (With flowers, obvi.)
2.Settle into your gorgeous ocean-side cabin. Contemplate living in Hawaii forever.
3.Become overwhelmed with hideous unexplained jealousy when your bestie decides to make sexy moves on your work-husband, Alan.
4.Dismiss jealousy. After all, you’re not interested in Alan “that” way… are you?
5.Avoid joyous dancing when bestie’s ex arrives, and sweeps her off her feet—leaving Alan completely and totally available.
6.Now you're alone with Alan. Alone. In paradise. Take a deep breath, have a mai tai—or two—and (gulp!) make your move. Be classy.
7."Accidentally" let Alan peek under your grass skirt.
8.Take off grass skirt.
9. Do Incredibly Naughty And Sexy Things everywhere.
10.And do not think about what happens when you and your work husband go back to reality...

FTC : I requested this for a fair and honest review.

I have been loving this series so far and, although I thought this book was a fun read, it was my least favourite of the line so far. The characters were great, the setting was fabulous but the barriers to the romance were slightly annoying. I’m not a fan of the not-communicating conflict plot and, with these two being so close, it just didn’t work for me.

The chemistry between Alan and Julie was incredibly well written. Work friends, they have firmly put each other into the “off-limits” category even though they fancy the pants off each other. Once they win the trip to Hawaii, all bet’s are off as they let their hair down. I loved the set-up; I love the friends to lovers trope and this seemed like the perfect setting. Then the tone of the romance changed and I started to lose interest. The insecurities they both showed, along with the lack of communication between them, made me feel like I was reading about a fledgling relationship between two acquaintances, rather than the development of a love story between two very close friends. I just couldn’t understand their motivations or actions and it affected how much I enjoyed it.

The one thing that really stands out for me in this book was the sex scenes. When they are not experiencing lots of internal angst, these two have incredible chemistry. The sex was hot, emotional and inventive; it was definitely worth reading this just for this.

This book did make me want to read some more of Delphine Dryden’s erotic contemporaries. Although this story didn’t work for me, the writing did so I will be adding some more of her work to my TR list.

Overall, a sexy, short read that failed to hit the mark for me.


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