A Nix Review – Master Class by Cassandra Carr (4.5 Stars)

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Ryan walks into a BDSM club on Halloween hoping to feel something that he has lost. New to kink, he is willing to try anything to make him feel a bit more like a man. Then, a beautiful sub kneels at his feet. The lovely Lisette obviously sees the true Dom in him and offers herself to him. With tutoring from his friends Jack and Callie, he helps reintroduce her into a world that she has been absent from and in doing so he becomes addicted to both Domination and to her. But with his marriage still a raw wound, Ryan doesn’t want to get too deeply involved. He doesn’t seem to realise that in becoming Lisette’s regular Dom, it might be more difficult to remain as distant as he wants.
Lisette put her trust in a Dom and he abused it. Now, she is taking her first tentative steps back into kink and it looks like Ryan could be just the Dom to do it. His nervousness attracts her attention and his natural Dominance keeps her hooked. But even after providing some truly spectacular orgasms, he still isn’t the perfect Dom to her sub. He refuses to allow himself to fully immerse in their relationship which means that she would never be able to truly submit. Will they allow their past relationship failures to dictate their future forever?
Well well well, Cassandra Carr has done it again! This is an incredibly hot novella between two very wary individuals and I loved it. This is one I would reread as the end is very satisfying and incredibly sweet!
Ryan was an awesome Dom. He was such a natural Dom that it literally bled from the pages but the scenes that were my favourite showed his inexperience. I loved when he played with Lisette up against the bar, not knowing that it was probably against all club protocols, because he couldn’t wait a second longer to get his hands on her. I loved that he had a Dom “go-to” buddy because he actually cared enough to get it right. I am so used to seeing these all-knowing Dom’s that to see one in development was both refreshing and fascinating. All these things just made me adore him but I have to admit his attitude in keeping his distance hacked me off.  He didn’t seem to see the massive amounts of mixed signals he was throwing as his words and actions did not match!
Lisette was a good character to read about. I’ll admit that she wasn’t the reason I continued to read the book but she complemented Ryan well and her personality only enhanced the good in his.  There was something about her that made it hard for me to love her but I cannot tell you what it was…. I’m probably just being fussy! The thing that I definitely did love was her willingness to try everything…. there is a masturbation scene…. *fans*
Overall, this book was that something different thing that I needed last week. The Dom was naive and the sub was experienced and that role reversal made this book a winner.  It was smutty, heart-warming and of course as frustrating as hell.  I loved Ryan…he could smex me against a bar anytime!

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