A Nix Review – Pleasure Satellite by Danielle Monsch (4 Stars)

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At pleasure satellite, anything goes. When Nevan arrives on the planet, he knows the reputation of the infamous rock. As the eldest son of a prestigious house, he has responsibilities that don’t allow him much freedom to enjoy the sins that he can buy there. He is destined to marry a woman previously picked out for him, to run his family’s house. Life is mapped out. All that changes when he goes to see one of the satellites famous fights and sets eyes on the most beautiful specimen of female he’s ever seen. Too bad she is one of the contestants and is contracted to a slug of a promoter. 

Seena has never known life beyond the Blood Ring. One of the satellites best fighters, she attracts visitors from far and wide. When the handsome and rich Nevan comes to her room after a fight, he offers her a bargain of which she has to take notice. Her offers her freedom; if she wins she gets to go free ever, but if she loses he becomes his bed mate. Seena has never agreed to be sold for sex before, but this is different. This is something she wants badly and Nevan stirs things inside her, so the alternative may not be so bad either. When she loses to him, she has to resign herself to becoming his willing sex slave.

What transpires between them is not the mindless sex that either them expected. But what happens on Pleasure Satellite stays on Pleasure Satellite…

I really enjoyed this little read. I’m always a little dubious about sci-fi reads (too many scary alien stories have been read with massive/double peens) but this one was very different. The world building was the big difference here as the “alien species” didn’t really sound dissimilar to our own. The concept of the pleasure satellite made me giggle though; a place where anything goes and no one judges? Sounds like an extreme Las Vegas!  That what they chose to do was gamble, use prostitutes and fight was quite depressing but probably quite accurate.

Nevan was a man forced into a situation by his family circumstances. I didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by it so I didn’t pity his predicament. He saw Seena and he wanted her so he bought her time and made her an offer. It was a rather arrogant thing to do and this, along with his treatment of the woman that was destined to be his mate, didn’t really warm me to him. He did show character growth over the course of the book because he became someone worth drooling over a little, but it was too short a read for me to forgive his earlier sins. I liked the way he stood up for himself and the way his “challenge” to her showed he respected her as more than just a sex toy that he wanted to use. It was a different slant for an Alpha male.

Seena was probably the most interesting thing in this whole story. She was a rough, tough human who had fought to get herself in a position of safety because her handler was not going to get rid of such a valuable commodity. She didn’t seem fazed by Nevans intended Sexual exploitation of her. She was attracted to him and wanted her freedom; to her this was a win win situation. She didn’t shy away from anything he threw at her and embraced it all. I really enjoyed reading her back story as it enhanced my opinion of the strength of her character. To have gone through all that she had at the hands of her “owners” and still come through as a whole person who kept me engaged was impressive.

At its core, this I thought this story was going to be about sex. There is lots and lots of smutty sex, but I’ll confess I was expecting more from a woman who had allegedly been trained in giving sexual pleasure. What I was surprised was how much the sex progressed the story…as much as this was an erotic book, the sex wasn’t there simply to titillate.

Overall, a sexy short story which kept me turning the pages until the end. Maybe I’ll stop being so snobby about Sci-fi now J

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