A Nix Review – Rider’s Kiss by Anne Rainey (1.5 Stars)

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Rider's Kiss by Anne Rainey
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2014-05-13
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 106
Format: eBook

Nerdy girls can be sexy. All it takes is the right mix of sugar and spice...

In high school, Victoria was every guy’s buddy. And ever since, she’s been stuck in the friend zone. Sex appeal? She doesn’t have enough of that to fill her smallest measuring spoon. Thankfully, her catering business keeps her too busy to think about her personal life—or lack thereof.

When her old high school crush strolls back into town, heating up feelings she thought she’d shoved to the back of her emotional freezer, she feels compelled to take up her best friend’s offer to do a makeover. Maybe it’s time she play the siren, not the sidekick.

Back in Summit Green to open a new branch of his auto repair service, Rider James barely recognizes the alluring brunette as the clumsy, introverted girl from high school. He always liked her, but back then she was too innocent to mess with. Now she’s all grown up...and turning him on.

Yet Victoria can’t help wondering if Rider will ever look past the sinful pout and stiletto heels—and love the vulnerable woman who still hides beneath.

Warning: Features a slightly nerdy caterer, a man determined to do more than kiss the cook, a generous portion of steaming-hot sex, and a dash of bondage.

FTC : I bought this book.

I was excited about this book as I’ve loved the author’s previous work. Unfortunately, it fell short in almost all aspects for me.

Although I liked the heroine, I didn’t believe in the character of the Hero or his motivations. The make-over plot line started interesting but it felt rushed and, because of this, I didn’t quite feel the sexual chemistry between either of them. I have read a lot of novella’s and usually don’t comment on the length but, in this one, I felt the length hindered the plot and I was left a little cold to them both. I wanted so much to love this plot as it is a trope I enjoy and an author I love; my reaction to the book is a complete shock to me.

Overall, disappointing. I recommend the author’s previous erotic novella’s highly but not this one.


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