A Nix Review – Rocky Mountain Haven by Vivian Arend (5 Stars)

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When Beth’s abusive husband died, she decides to up sticks and move away for a fresh start. It was never going to be easy; with three small boys and a leg savaged by the car accident that left her a widow, she was never expecting this to be the least stressful experience but she wasn’t quite expecting the house she was supposed to be moving into to become suddenly unavailable. When a helpful member of the town allows her to temporarily move into one of the homes on their ranch, the last thing she expects to see is a man who was the first one to stir any real feelings in her since her husband. She doesn’t want to get involved with another man, doesn’t want to take the risk that another man abuses the trust of her and her children but can she really deaden her heart forever?

Daniel Coleman is the middle of 6 boys. The middle child, he has always been the calmest of all the Coleman brothers. That is, until he meets Beth at a bar and the chemistry between them explodes. When she gives him a fake number, he is upset to think that he may never see her again. When she turns up at the ranch with 3 adorable boys in tow, it’s an opportunity that he isn’t going to pass up. Problem is, Beth has been badly burned and getting past those barriers is going to be tough. He manages to convince her that the chemistry between them is too hot to ignore and they start a blazing sexual adventure. Daniel doesn’t want Beth just for the sex, but can he convince her to let herself feel once again?

Oh my, this book is HAWT!!! Considering Beth had only had sex with her AHole of a husband in the missionary position before, she certainly didn’t balk at the kinkier side of Daniel. There is sex in the barn, sex in the changing room and, my personal favourite, the hottest darn phone sex scene I’ve read in a book before! Seriously, it was unbelievable how hot it was….that Daniel is a *VERY* dirty boy. One of the best things about this book is the lack of external angst. There is so much hurt and trauma in the past of Beth, I didn’t need side characters to divert away from the core of a very emotional love story.

Our Cowboy goes swmming a lot….
Beth is a character with so much emotional baggage I was surprised she managed to function at all. The things that she suffered were horrific to read about but even worse for me was that the boys knew everything that she went through at the hands of a man she trusted. I make no bones about the fact that I cried TWICE at this book and both scenes were to do with her children. I wanted her to let Daniel in, wanted her to use him as more than just a sex-toy because they both deserved to be happy. The problem was that if she lets him into her heart, she lets him into the heart of her children and these were some very traumatised boys. I understand the fierce urge to protect them from more hurt, I understand that she was willing to sacrifice her happiness for that of her children but God I hoped she decided he was worth that risk.

Daniel was a cowboy to die for. He was so lovely that I couldn’t fathom an ending to this story where he wasn’t happy. He is a very dirty boy and makes no bones that he has a sexual history that reads like a phone book. However, he has never fallen before, never felt the overwhelming desire to focus all his attention on just one woman until he met Beth. Now everything is different. He understands all of her issues, understands all of her hesitations and he tries not to push, he just tells her how he feels and lets her decide.

“I find you attractive, and I don’t just mean your body. I don’t know what troubles you’ve had in your past, but I hope we’ll get to talk them through at some point. So here’s what I suggest –you tell me if you agree. You and I do both. We fool around like you want, as long as you let us try to let us try to learn to be friends, like I want.”

He deserved to be happy, deserved to have his own hurts healed but I didn’t know if that would ever happen with Beth.

This book is a story about a woman who has given up on love and a Cowboy that wants to be her one and only. There were parts of this book so hot I had to stick my head in the fridge but it was just so much more than just sex. With parts that made me laugh, cry and use a fan, it’s definitely a book that is going on my keeper shelf.

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