A Nix Review – Sexcapades by Christine D’Abo (4.5 Stars)

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Petra Clark’s blog Sexcapades inspires women to embrace sexuality. What readers don’t know is that her advice isn’t based on personal experience. Despite erotic fantasies about the hot guy at her local coffee shop, social anxiety keeps Petra from connecting with real men in the real world. She’s more comfortable as PC, sparring online with her nemesis, the cocky D. Williams.


Counselor by day, blogger by night, Darcy Williams gets a thrill countering PC’s female-friendly advice with a macho slant. And when both blogs are nominated for an award, he’s intrigued by the chance to finally meet the woman who’s been driving him wild with her Sexcapades.


When Petra runs into her coffee-shop crush at the awards party, sparks fly—and so do their clothes. Only after multiple orgasms does she realize who Darcy really is: the competition. Now they’re facing accusations of fraud, with stalking and blackmail thrown in. But perhaps most frightening of all are the feelings growing between them…

Disclosure time. I got this book from NetGalley for a honest review. I don’t really know the author at all. 

So this was a big surprise! I expected a sexy novel and, although I did, what I actually got was a sexed up chick-lit novel. I’m not complaining about that in the slightest; I really enjoyed it. I reminded me a little bit of the film the Ugly Truth which then made Darcy Gerald Butler in my head, even though the description didn’t fit…. mmmm Gerald.  *Cough* back on topic….
This was felt like a novel within a novel, pretty much like the relationship in question. There was the relationship between the two bloggers, which continued throughout the tale, and the relationship between the real life Petra and Darcy. They were so different to their online personas that it felt like I was reading two different love stories. I loved it.
The relationship between the rival bloggers was possibly my favourite plot of the book. It was snarky, bitchy and I laughed out loud frequently. This relationship was developed completely through blog comments and was fraught with sexual chemistry. I knew, without even meeting the real Darcy, that these two would be fabulous when they finally met up. It was such an interesting way of developing the relationship and I was hooked. I love enemies to lover’s stories and this one had an innovative twist that kept me reading.
The relationship between Petra and Darcy was very very different to the one that their online counterparts had. It wasn’t that they were different people in reality; they just acted in a way that was completely at odds with how they really felt.  The scene where Petra attempted to talk dirty to him using the words penis and vagina made me chuckle but I could understand how frustrated she was with not being able to convey her true thoughts. Once they got together, they started to become so comfortable with each other that the true Petra and Darcy came out to play. Turns out, the real Petra is a bit of a sex kitten and the real Darcy is a dirty, Dominant stud. The sex scenes between them were STEAMING hot. They were so dirty they nearly melted my phone screen; DP with a vibrator?? I didn’t see that coming! I loved the completely dichotomy of this book; on the one hand it was a romantic comedy yet on the other it was straight up erotic romance! I thought the sex did a very good job of showing the character progression too… which was nice J
The competition added a little bit to the story and made sure that the romance didn’t run smooth but, to be honest, I didn’t really believe there was any true conflict between them. The driving plot seemed to be the scandals of the competition and, although they were fun, they felt a little bit like filler. The main draw was the love story between these two characters and how they dealt with a romance that neither was ready for.
Overall, this was a book that made me laugh out loud alongside taking a few cold showers. I can honestly say that I have never read anything quite like it but I do recommend it. If you like your romance hot and steamy, give this a try.

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