A Nix Review – Siren in Waiting by Sophie Oak (5 Stars)

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Beth “mouse” Hobbs has been pining after her best friend Bo O’Malley for years. After caring for her dying parents for most her adult life, she now has a chance to live for herself. The first thing she does is buy a home of her own and the next is to try to get over her unrequited love.  Bo has never looked at her twice, flaunted his many sexual conquests in her face; maybe it’s time to move on and find someone to love her back.

When Trev McNamara comes back to Deer Run, it’s time to see if he really is as strong as everyone else believes. Put under the care of Leo Mayer (Dom in resident at the Club and psychologist extraordinaire) to get over his addiction to pretty much everything, he knows that being left to his own devices will be the ultimate test of his treatment.  All his worries seem to fade when he lays eyes on Beth. She is obviously naturally submissive; will looking after her give him the focus that he needs to stay clean?

Bo O’Malley has always been the black sheep of the family. Since his father died, he has been content to whore around town and do the minimum on the ranch. Whatever he did, he knew he’d always have the friendship of Beth to fall back on. When his old mentor Trev comes back to town and seems to gravitate towards Beth, Bo can’t help wonder if he has been in denial about his feelings for all these years. Can he become what Beth needs? Or will he have to step aside and watch her flourish under the careful attentions of Trev?

Welcome back to Deer Run, land of backward thinking idiots and horrible, bitchy women. Seriously, I hate this town.  I wanted to pick up all the residents of this story and place them in Bliss. Alas ‘twas impossible but the small minded twits also had a role to play in Sophie Oaks riskiest story of this series. Why was it risky I hear you cry? Because it defied a few traditional conventions in BDSM stories but I loved it for it. This is a story that will make you scream and close your e-reader, but you won’t. You get so emotionally invested in these three very broken people that you want a happy ending, you want them to all suddenly fit together but most of all you want to actually get to a point where you don’t hate them. Yes readers, Sophie Oak has done it again; she has created a twisty turny tale of three people that kept me turning the pages late into the night. I’m blaming this book for my lack of productivity the next day J

Trev is one hot mess. A Pro sports player, he is put into a novel version of rehab after failing three drugs test in a row and getting photographed snorting cocaine off a stripper. He is sent to the BDSM club run by Julian Lodge (*sigh*, oh Julian :D) and put under the care of Leo Meyer. This has a two-fold effect; it makes him sober and trains him to realise his true nature as a Dom.  When he gets back to Deer Creek, it’s to stay with his sister and her asshat husband. There he has the responsibility of staying sober whilst working as the head rancher at the O’Malley ranch. This isn’t the ideal situation because he used to be a close friend of Bo but he left him for dust once his pro career started and now Bo can’t stand him. All these problems should be enough to keep him occupied; it isn’t.  He struggles daily with his addictions, that is, until Beth gives him a chance to focus all his attentions on her. Trev needs to be needed, without that his focus turns inward and his fairly addictive personality takes over.  I liked Trev and enjoyed reading his struggles. He isn’t a traditional literary Dom as he is probably the most emotionally precarious out of all three characters, but make no mistake, he is definitely a Dom J

Trev is a sports star therefore I reserve the
right to put up pictures of Jed Hill….:)

Beth is the character that I had the most conflicted feelings with.  She is completely submissive. I don’t mean that she is sexually submissive and wants to get spanked; I mean she is completely submissive in life. I wanted to hate her for being a weak-willed character, I wanted to rant and rail at her for allowing all those idiots in the town to mess with her. But then I realised that it just wasn’t in her nature to care about them and I couldn’t fault her for it because they really were a bunch of cretins. What really bothered me was the way she allowed Bo to treat her. She loved him, had done forever, therefore she thought it was OK for him to ignore her feelings and perpetuate the whole demeaning “mouse” nickname (for around a third of the book, I really fricking hated Bo).  All through the first couple of chapters, characters begged him to let her go and allow her to find a Dom to keep her safe because they all saw what we did..Bo was no Dom.  When Trev came into her life I cheered. Finally, someone who used her proper name and could see what she needed.  I didn’t mind when she gave him her virginity so quickly; it wasn’t something that was precious to her, but it was something that she should only give to someone who would know what she needed in that department. She didn’t particularly stand out to me as a character before Trev came into their lives but she started to flourish once he did. I wouldn’t mind seeing these characters again as I think I’ll eventually love her!

I wanted to slap Bo upside the head. Repeatedly. With a wooden plank. He was a horrible character at the start of the book; selfish, immature and a complete pain in the arse.  I hated the way he acted, the way he treated Beth and that he was going to be the final piece in the ménage. Gradually, little by little he came around. He needed a guiding hand too and that came in the guise of Trev. I won’t spoil this story, but Bo’s positioning in the ménage was novel, it was risky and it worked for me.  I think that my opinion change was helped along by the nuggets of information given about his past; he really was as broken as the other two!

Overall, this wasn’t an easy, fluffy read as it deals with some heavy emotional themes. There wasn’t any way that it wasn’t getting a 5 star review and I feel this is one I will love more and more with every reread. The characters were truly broken, but together they find a way to be whole. Watch out for Leo and his heroine…..that book is going to be a doozy J

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