A Nix Review – Straddling the Line by Sarah M. Anderson (4.5 Stars)

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She Only Wants to Belong.


CFO Ben Bolton has enough on his plate running his family business. But when lovely Josey White Plume enters his office, his priorities shift. He refuses to let such a compelling woman walk away. The chase is on.


All her life, Josey has sought one thing: to fit in with her Lakota family. She has no time for some sexy rich guy’s pursuit. But she can’t stop thinking about Ben—wanting him kissing him. Yet falling for a wealthy outsider will destroy everything she’s worked for—unless she can find a way to straddle the line between his world and hers.

I adore Sarah M. Anderson’s Native American books but this has to be one of my favourites.  The amount of tension in the book is high with most of the conflict coming from the internal struggle both of the characters have with fitting in amongst their worlds. What surprised me was how, although the core of the issue was the same, the two situations couldn’t be more different.
After her time in the white world didn’t work out, Josey tries hard to fit into her Lakota world but her mixed heritage means that the rest of the tribe treats her differently. She takes the tribe’s project to renovate the school and decides that it is her way to prove herself. I got the impression that one of the reasons that she fought so hard to get the school up and running was so she could be worthy in their eyes. It was a noble cause but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that she couldn’t be her own person. The day she walks into Ben’s office to try to get power tools for the school, she starts to realise that she might want things for herself and not just for the tribe. I loved the immediate chemistry between the two of them and the many ways that he encouraged her to be a woman without ever undermining her values. He encourages her to accept herself but first she has to accept that she has feelings for a white man.
Ben is an amazing hero! A CFO of his Father’s custom bike shop, he doesn’t quite know where he fits. Although he promised his mum he would keep the family together, he just doesn’t fit in his Dad’s world; a fact that he reminds him of in every opportunity. When Josey walks into his office, she gives him the opportunity to be himself, not what everyone else expects him to be. I loved the more vulnerable side of him, the man that gives his time and money to the school and wants to fulfil his Mother’s dream of a united family. I also enjoyed the damn sexy version of him who hunted Josey down from the second he laid his eyes on her outside of  office.
Together, they were a combination of heat and love that was truly awesome to read. This is a Harlequin book (and the sex scenes fit the line) but the sex scenes are still erotic enough to cause me some hot flashes. There is a scene on a motorbike in an elevator…. *fans*. They brought so much to each other’s lives that I routed for them from start to finish. They both tried so hard to fit into one of their worlds that it was beautiful to watch them learn to try to walk in all of their worlds with the help of someone who accepted them no matter what.  I loved them.
Ben’s brothers are up next and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for them. One is a true gruff biker and the other is a bit of a wild child…. it sounds like I’m in for some fun reads.
Overall, this book is a lovely tale of two people finding themselves whilst finding each other. With a hot biker man and a strong willed female, it was bound to be something I enjoyed but, due to the amount of conflict, it was became a book meaty enough to leave me wanting more.


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