A Nix Review – Survive To Dawn by PJ Schnyder (5 Stars)

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Survive to Dawn by PJ Schnyder
Series: London Undead #3
Published by Carina Press on 2014-04-21
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 92
Format: eBook
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Book three of London Undead

The zombie epidemic in London has been contained, but that's all the werewolf pack that protects the city has been able to manage. Danny, as pack medic, is concerned the epidemic isn't showing any signs of slowing down. And that the pack's Alpha is too focused on eliminating the deadly threat to consider working toward a cure. When a team of American scientists arrive, talking of a vaccine, Danny is quietly hopeful.

Deanna thought she was prepared for anything. But an argument with the London pack leaves her research team exposed and alone, on their own against countless hordes of the walking dead. Within hours, her colleagues are slaughtered…and it's only because of Danny that she manages to get out alive.

Deanna unhinges Danny in every way, tempting him beyond reason. She also pushes him to face the one thing he'd been avoiding: his Alpha is wrong. Simply surviving isn't the answer…it can't be.

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33,000 words

FTC : I got this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I fricking love this series and I do hope there is more from this world. A dystopian setting filled with zombies and shifters, each instalment has kept me on my toes with its twists and turns. If you haven’t started this series, you must do so on book one… there is an overall arc which will not make sense out of order.

Danny, the pack medic, caught my eye in the last one. Smooth and charming, I could see his book being a little bit sickly sweet but the lovely medic has an animal side that made this anything but. When we begin this tale, we find that Danny, worried at the rate that the zombie virus has been replicating, has been sending samples all over the world to try to find a cure. When the bunch of human scientists come in to try to find the cure too, he hopes that he is finally going to get the answers that he needs. That is until they all get themselves killed by breaking the first law of the territory and going into Zombie-land alone (yes, unfortunately, the humans are morons in this one).

Aware that Deanna is his mate, he follows them and barely makes it out alive rescuing her (aww). He vouches for her when his Alpha wants her out of London and then they must work together to try to find the cure. Of course, as she doesn’t feel the mating pull (human, not wolf remember), he also has some time to convince her she wants to spend the rest of her life with him too. All I’m going to say is that I wish I’d been wooed by a wolfie boy!

Deanna isn’t quite all that she seems. She has ulterior motives for appearing in London and I’m telling you none of them as I consider every one a spoiler. Needless to say, her motives are to do with the Zombie virus and lead to the twist at the end … OMG! I enjoyed her as a character and I think this is a love story that I may have to reread. I came away thinking maybe Danny was a closet Alpha 🙂

You all know that I have an issue with Insta-mate books. I admire the fact that this particular author addressed the fact that the human in the story wouldn’t feel this mate pull. In fact Ms Schnyder made her hero work for Deanna’s good affection and I loved it. I wish it had been drawn out a little more, but the entire series has been fast paced so this fit perfectly. I also liked the fact that she dealt with the fact that, whilst this might be Deanna’s HEA, it was probably Danny’s HFN. His lifespan was far greater than her’s but, whilst it was sucky, it was accepted as just one of those things. There was no transmission of supernatural life-spans (through bites or spells) and she didn’t find out that she was an unactivated wolf who just needed to find love. No, she was human, she would die, that was fine.

Overall, this book was probably the best in a series I have truly enjoyed. A fabulously dark PNR featuring a dreamy medic with secret Alpha tendencies and a scientist with some huge secrets….


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