A Nix Review – The Dom with the Clever Tongue by Black, Shaw and Silverwood (5 Stars)

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Reece and Scarlet have everything a loving couple could want, except a hot kinky sex life. Malachi, an experienced Dom, steps in to help them sort that out. But not only is he a terrible memory from Reece’s past, he’s a smartass and damaged goods, too.

As they all learn to trust each other, Malachi becomes more than just their kink coach. It’s a full-on brat smackdown, and no heart gets out unscathed.

Warning: Contains unrepentant brats, surprise orgasms, a Domme with training wheels, and a Dom whose tongue is registered as a weapon of mass seduction.

FTC : I was given this review copy by one of the authors in exchange for a fair and honest review. Although I do speak to Cari on a regular basis through online means, this did not influence my review.

This may be one of my favourite of the series and I have enjoyed them all. With feisty characters and a Dom who was forever Captain Jack Sparrow in my head, I enjoyed this fast paced andfun tale. I am ever amazed that three authors can create such a seamless story..I have no idea how they do it.

Scarlett and Reece are in a happy lesbian relationship that is in danger of fizzing out. They are completely compatible in every place except the bedroom where something is missing. Reece needs to be Dominated but, untrained and unwilling to submit and be seen as “weak”, no matter how hard Scarlett tries to Top her, their sex life is frustrating and unfulfilling. Scarlett is a Masochistic Dom but those two things don’t go together in her head. Worse, it actually upsets Reece to cause her any pain which means that that side of her kink remains unfulfilled. Their inability to satisfy each other in the bedroom looks to rot the foundations of their relationship and in desperation they turn to an existing Dom, a man who will train them to satisfy each other. The only problem is that this is the man who tormented Reece for most of her teenage years.

I enjoyed the pairing between Scarlett and Reece. Both women had their insecurities but the love between them was apparent. I had nothing but respect for them for turning to Malachi for help; they saw a problem in their relationship that needed fixing and they decided that they loved each other too much not to do everything in their power to fix it. I had so much respect for Reece by the end of the book because she put aside her personal objections to give Malachi a chance. True, if he had still been the boy he was she would never have carried on with the “lessons”, but he had sufficiently evolved enough to get a chance from her.

Malachi is a sexy tattooist who has just been dumped by his former sub for not being the Dom she wanted. Laid back, he found himself unable to be the Master that she wanted and so he finds himself single and mopey… that is until he agrees to tutor the two girls. He has the same initial responses that I’m pretty sure most males would have (lesbian sex seems to be a massive male fantasy) but soon sees the women beneath. Reece has always been his fantasy woman (he made her life miserable because he liked her) but soon he starts to see Scarlett’s good points too. He loves that he can play computer games with her, that he can talk to her as individual and that he can make her orgasm with his tattoo gun (I explained that she was a masochist right?). The only problem for him is that she is a lesbian and so has no attraction to him…or so he is led to believe. I loved the character of Malachi. It is not too often that I find a Dom who I would not also describe as “Alpha” but I believe that he is too laid back and fun to be the classic Alpha. He was a bit of a revelation and a whole lot swoon-worthy.

As much as the girls could only see their sexual incompatibilities, it wasn’t until they allowed Malachi into their lives that I could see where their differences lay. He fit into gaps that they didn’t know existed… I loved reading about them. The sex scenes were off the freaking chain too… these three authors never fail to disappoint with the erotic content of their stories. The domination is high, the pain content isn’t massive and the humiliation is very limited; basically, it is my ideal BDSM combination.

Overall, a winning addition to the series. With fabulous characters and amazingly well crafted sex scenes, this is an erotic ménage I recommend.

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