A Nix Review – The Gunfighter and the Gear-head by Cassandra Duffy (4 Stars)

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After the reptilian Slark’s attacked Earth, civilisation as we know it ceased to exist.  In a post-Apocalyptic world, society seems to have reverted back to the old West. When Gieo is shot down from the skies, she finds herself in Tombstone; a town full of crazy Cowboy’s and blind cultists. The Wild West rules are in full effect but amongst the chaos she finds herself undeniably attracted to ex-model and current Gunfighter Fiona. Their passion is apparent to all, but their relationship hits many bumps along way as Gieo struggles to come to terms with both Fiona’s present and her past. When a civil war starts to heat up in the area between the Cultists and the residents of the town, Fiona has to do something quite drastic to tie Gieo to her and keep her safe. When all the fighting seems to stimulate the war with the Slark, things become quite perilous for all the residents of the town. Will all the external stresses mean their fledgling relationship ends before it really has a chance to grow into something deeper? When it becomes clear that there is an external agent driving all the friction to achieve his own personal agenda, the situation in Tombstone deteriorates to never before seen levels. Things will never be the same again, but will they throw away something that has the potential to keep them warm on the cold nights to come?

I had to read this book a couple of times before actually sitting down to review it. Please don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t because I didn’t enjoy it, it’s because there is so much going on. Action packed doesn’t quite cover this tale so I wanted to make sure I had it sequenced properly in my head. There are no wasted sentences; every word has its purpose but, I will admit, that although this made this book quick to read but harder to digest in one sitting. It is unlike anything I have read before and I certainly enjoyed this very fun, original read. Fiona is an ex-model forced into the life of a Gunfighter. When the Slark’s attacked Earth, the deadly situation reverts Human civilisation back hundreds of years. Isolated Towns run themselves, people settle arguments with guns rather than the Law and people battle constantly over the ever dwindling necessities. When we meet her she is looking for Slark’s to behead simply because their heads are worth fuel. She doesn’t really fight her attraction to Gieo, she simply ignores it. She is a tough cookie, has done things that others would find distasteful to survive, I don’t think that she wants to feel weak. When she finally does give into the temptation, things from the past start to reappear that have the potential to cause problems. Veronica, her ex-girlfriend, appears in her town with the Ravens, an all-girl outfit.  Fiona ran away from them, leaving Veronica behind without a word. Once she reappears, old feelings are stirred up and Fiona struggles with closing that door to her heart. When the Cultists start a war with the town, tensions start to run high and she is forced to collar Gieo to keep her safe, forcing the relationship to a different level. 

Gieo is the polar opposite of rough and ready Fiona. A delicate yet feisty genius, she charms everyone that she meets within seconds. I loved her cute little robot and her quirky ways. Unfamiliar with the rules of a town such as Tombstone, I was glad that she hooked up with Fiona as she needed someone to keep her safe. She struggled with the way of life that Fiona had chosen for herself but I willed her to accept it. She was attracted to the image of Fiona, to the woman who had graced the cover of many magazines. In accepting Fiona’s choices, I felt a bit happier about them as a couple. She did, however, lose quite a lot of my respect with an act that happens about 60% in. This is an area of the book I never give spoilers for, but she crossed a massive line. I’m all for people getting second chances, and people making mistakes in the lead up to a HEA, but, to me, this happened when they were an established couple and not a work in progress. I struggled after this as it isn’t something that I can usually deal with in a romance. However, the sex between them is very hot and very imaginative (this is helped by the fact that Gieo is involved :D). Once they begin having sex, it is clear that the chemistry between them is truly potent…..there are definitely some clammy hand scenes J

Alongside the love triangle, the crazy cultists (who by the way are blind by choice as they realise that the Slark’s don’t like blind things), the reigniting of the battle with the Slark’s and the Wild West Rules, there is also the crazed town leader who seems to be trying to make sure his hold on the Town can never be removed. As I say, there is a lot going on but it certainly makes for an interesting read.  I couldn’t process it all in one read, but this is probably because I’m used to reads with only a few plot threads happening at once. I enjoyed the fact that this one was so different and that it made me work a little; Cassandra Duffy is certainly a woman that knows how to write J On a side note, there were some beautiful little illustrations throughout this fairly lengthy book and they really did enhance the story. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

A Sci-fi/Wild-West/Lesbian tale with a lot of action, a lot of sex and a lot of well-written characters that grab you from the off-set. Give it a go, you may just love it J

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