A Nix Review – Tingle All the Way by Catelyn Cash (2.5 Stars)

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Innara Grant used to love Christmas, until her thoughtless ex ruined it.  Now, she finds herself working late at the office, the only one around on the last day before the holiday season begins. When she starts to leave, the lift suddenly stops leaving her alone in the dark. Or so she thinks. A voice from behind her signals that she is actually in the company of her dark and dreamy boss, the one who has plagued her thoughts for months.  Things quickly become heated in the lift and once the power comes back on, she finds herself in his apartment, making her fantasies become a reality. Once the handsome security guard Lee joins them in to complete her ultimate fantasy of a threesome, her night is complete. The morning it turns out that he doesn’t want her to leave, she has to decide whether or not she wants to play for keeps.

At first, I really enjoyed this little story. It was cute, sexy and made me smile. When it turned out “the boss” had filled his entire apartment with Christmas trees for her, my heart melted.  The sex was awesome and, for an erotica short, it had all the makings of a good, smut book. The threesome was well crafted and the attraction between the heroine and both hero’s was made quite apparent before any sex actually occurred, so I knew they were all on-board which only served to make the whole thing hotter.

So why only 2.5 stars? Well, I can’t tell you that without telling you the end. At the end was an out of the blue situation that made the rest of the story a little nonsensical.  It didn’t fit with statements made throughout the book and I just couldn’t get my head around it.

Overall, if you want good, short, dirty sex without caring much about the plot then this would be a good buy. 

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