A Nix Review – Two for the Price of One by Sandy Sullivan

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Living in a small town, nothing much exciting happens in the world of Emma Weston. That is, until the day the tour bus of her celebrity crush careens through a stop sign, straight into the side of her truck. Emma thought she knew everything that there was to know about Brandon Tucker, shockingly there was one major person in his life that had escaped her knowledge; Brandon Tucker has an identical twin Beau and Beau drives the tour bus. Faced with two of the hottest men on the planet, Emma finds it hard not to swallow her tongue. Luckily for her, choosing who she likes better gets easier when Brandon turns out to be an arrogant ass.

Beau Tucker is bored to tears of living on his brothers coat tails. Destined to be the only thing that keeps his twin from fully immersing himself in the rock and roll life-style, he has resigned himself to being his brother’s keeper.  Used to the spectacle of women throwing themselves at his rock-god brothers feet, he can’t help but be amused when the spitfire that he careens into not only calls his brother on his behaviour, but snaps up his CD and declares herself a former fan. When it looks like the damage to the bus is more than a little fender bender, Beau can’t help but rejoice at the fact that he now gets to spend a little more time with the lovely Emma. Problem is, he doesn’t just want her for himself, he wants her for Brandon too. Can he manage to get his brother not only back into her good graces, but into her pants too? And once they are there, can they convince her to let them stay for the duration of their stay. When the brothers decide to do a little concert to raise money for a very sick little girl, it looks like they may stay for a while longer. Will they all be able to walk away from this unscathed when the brothers have to go back on tour?

Beau Tucker was my favourite thing about this book. Smooth, caring, a little rugged and a lot sexy, he certainly caught my attention. I respected him for his decision to put his family’s needs before his own, a kind selfless man is always a nice thing to read about.  Because of his decisions, it made sense that he would want to share his happiness with his brother; I just didn’t know if his brother deserved it. Brandon Tucker started the book as a prat. Towards the middle of the book I started to see some glimmer of the true Brandon and by the end I really quite liked him. Do I know why I took such an instant dislike to Brandon? Yup, he acted like a complete jerk. At the crash, he just whined about the inconvenience. I expected this type of behaviour to be exhibited; I knew he was going to be a product of his fame. What I didn’t expect was for him not to come across as a main character in this story. He seemed, for the majority of the book, a part of the ménage purely for the sex and not much else. He was just an extra penis in the relationship, another body to add to the sex scenes. I believed in the relationship between Emma and Beau far more than I believed in the ménage. One of the reasons for this is the majority of the book seems to be relationship building between Beau and Emma (they date, they talk, they council each other) and Brandon really didn’t get that kind of attention. Towards the end, we started to see a glimmer of what the relationship between Emma and Brandon could be, of how she needed the rougher edges that Brandon could provide, but we never really saw how this would work in conjunction with the bond that Emma and Beau had. It felt unfinished….I have a feeling that, with more time, the relationship between all three of them could have been a lot more. I’d love to see more from these three just so I could see if it really did work out as well as it does in my head.

Well, the book is about identical twin hotties…….. 😀
Speaking of the relationship between Emma and Beau, I loved the direction that the author took. It was clear that they had a lot of issues to resolve; she was his brothers obsessed fan, therefore he had to trust that she wasn’t just sleeping with him because he was the spit of his brother, without the gigantic chip on his shoulder. I loved them together, loved that they could both express themselves fully with one another without fear of reprisals. The sex scenes were smoking hot, as were the ménage scenes, but the connection between the two of them was lovely.  I believed in them as a couple (even if she was a little bratty and annoying at points) and I wanted them to end up together. Of course it isn’t easy because for all of them as there is a time limit on their time together. I wanted them to last the distance, but it wasn’t realistic.

Overall the book was a good read. The relationship building between Beau and Emma made up for the issues that I had with the ménage. The sex scenes were smoking hot, but there were enough moments of tenderness to sure this book stayed firmly in the erotic romance category. I would love to hear more from these characters to see exactly how they get on. 

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