A Nix Review – Until Fountain Bridge By Samantha Young (5 Stars)

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Ellie Carmichael had a crush on Adam Sutherland, her brother, Braden’s, best friend, for years, and although Adam treated her with proprietary concern he made it clear he thought of her only as a little sister.


Over the years, as Ellie’s crush develops into love, her romantic idealism makes it difficult for her to move on. To make matters worse, as she’s gotten older, Adam’s attitude has changed toward her. His affection for her is now joined by attraction, but his loyalty to Braden, and his fear of losing the only family he has, stops him from claiming Ellie the way she wishes he would.


But one night his attraction is put to the test, and as much as Adam would like things to remain the same everything changes between them in a simple brush of the lips.



Soon lust, love, jealousy and heartbreak combine to force change upon their relationship… and Adam discovers the hard way that life is too damn short to spend it on regret.

FTC disclosure. I requested this book from NetGalley because I adored the first in the series. I have no relationship with the author.
This is the story of Adam and Ellie. It begins after On Dublin Street but shows the story of them throughout their relationship which is from a much younger age. I loved it and found it incredibly sweet and sexy; it is a lovely addition to the series J
This tale is told through Ellie’s memories, accessed through her diary. This was a very effective way to bring me straight into the heart of the tale but I did feel that Adam got a raw deal from this method as I irritated with him repeatedly! It was a bit of a biased view of their romance.
Ellie discovered that she had feelings for Adam at the young age of 14. It is fair to say he did not reciprocate at first. When his feelings start to morph into something other than friendship, he goes on a self-destructive mission to sabotage any further chance they may have at a relationship. Through misguided loyalty to her brother, he proceeds to spend his time sending her mixed signals and sticking knives into her heart; he really pissed me off. I loved Ellie throughout this short, her transition from awkward teenager to woman shown beautifully through her diary entries. I enjoyed her character in ODS but I loved her after this.
Adam wasn’t such a bad man and he did wise up. I felt for him as he truly felt conflicted about his attraction towards her. I wanted to smack him around the head and wise him up a few times but the modern day Adam is truly apologetic for his behaviour. I loved him and his eventual awakening… so cute!

Overall, this is a lovely novella that gave me a deeper insight into some of the happenings that occurred in ODS. I truly adored this very sweet romance which blossomed over time between two very dear friends. Well recommended. 

2 responses to “A Nix Review – Until Fountain Bridge By Samantha Young (5 Stars)

  1. I completely agree with your review! While I loved learning about Ellie and watching her grow, I, too, was annoyed with Adam.
    A wonderful addition to the series! 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

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