A Nix Review – Unwrapped by Cari Quinn (4 Stars)

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Caitlyn Sachs has decided that 24 is old enough to let go of her virginity. After holding onto it so not to be seen as easy as she perceives the rest of her family to be, it has now become more of a burden than a thing to treasure. However, there is only one of two people that she can fathom sleeping with and convincing them may be a problem. Matt and Tristan are her best friends, work-mates and flatmates; convincing one of them to become her lover may be a step too far. When she returns home one night unexpectedly, she finds them in the middle of some seriously steamy sex. Upset that they have never told her they were lovers, convinced that she may have missed her chance to sleep with one of them and very turned on, she tries to flee the scene of the crime to clear her brain. When Matt comes to confront her, conversations take an unexpected turn and she finds herself one step closer to the secret fantasy she’s been harboring for years; the one where they all end up in bed together.

Matt and Tristan have been in love with Cait for years. A year ago, they turned to each other in solace when she seemed to fall hard for her current beau. The situation between them has grown to become something far more than just sex, but they can’t help feeling that they are incomplete without their flatmate with them. When Cait walks in on them, all their secrets desires come spilling out. Can she accept that what they want from her, what she wants from them, doesn’t make her a “slut”? Can they all accept that by accepting their true natures they might not be acceptable to everyone else?

This is a festive read, with most of the main action happening over the Christmas period. I have always said that I like a ménage more when everyone is happy with the situation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has to be sexually attracted to each other; it just means I can’t abide ménage where one of the men is constantly aware of where their penis is in relation to the others penis. I want a happy threesome and these three don’t have a problem with the sexual side of their relationship, they just have a problem of the logistics of “forever”. The character with the most hang-ups, and the most annoying character for me, was Caitlyn. Caitlyn is not a very nice character. Judgmental of the choices that her family have made for themselves, she goes out of her way to be different. She mainly has a problem with the fact that her mother had a lot of boyfriends and that her younger sister has four children. She lets this judgment cloud all of her actions hence why she ends up a 24 year old virgin. She just wanted rid of it (which I didn’t mind) but was willing to use her best friends to do the deed. She wasn’t actually thinking of them at all when she made this decision, she was going to let them basically toss a coin for her and then act as if it never happened the day after. Her deep seated fear of being seen as a slut hurt both men deeply during the course of this book as she was happy to use and abuse two men who loved her for her own personal gain. I enjoyed that the author didn’t steer clear of calling her heroine on her actions; both men stated that she needed to apologise to her family due to her attitude.

The boys were lovely. Matt was the more easy going, rambunctious, act-now-ask-questions-later type of guy. He was also very proud of his oral skills Under the surface veneer of confidence and charm was a very insecure man. He feared that he was a stop gap for Tristan and that he was second choice for Cait. At one point he wonders if they would be better without him…I was definitely team Matt this book. Tristan was the more intense one out of the two but I don’t think that the book would have worked without him. He wasn’t as easy to like but his feelings for the two of them were undeniable. His love of Dominance also made me VERY happy he was in the book. He wasn’t willing to let her go easily and made it incredibly difficult for her to leave, constantly reminding her of what they could have if she would stop caring what others thought. Both of the men were desperately unhappy with her demands but took on the challenge of trying to change her mind. I wanted to slap her a little; if she loved them like she claimed, she would have steadfastly refused sex with them, knowing that she would ultimately cause them great amounts of pain. She redeemed herself towards the end, but she still upset me with her actions. As a ménage, they worked very well but as an individual, she wouldn’t have held my interest.

The sex scenes were ridiculously hot. The fact that no one had any limits in the bedroom just made it absolutely scorching to read. There was M/M sex between two very manly men, M/F/M ménage, M/M/F ménage, Voyeurism, spanking, bondage, home-made porn…..the list was endless! I can honestly say that this book spiked my libido like no other has in a while…..sweaty palms and a raised heart rate was the least of my worries 🙂 I love Cari Quinn’s erotic scenes….she is one of my “go-to” authors when I need a steamy fix 🙂

Overall this one was a fabulously smutty read that kept me entertained throughout. With a variety of different sexual techniques and themes, I honestly think there would be something in here to tempt anyone with a pulse. A definite re-read 🙂

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