A Nix Review – Xavier’s Loving Arms by KT Grant (4.5 Stars)

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When I began this book, I didn’t know what to expect. Yes, I’d read the blurb, but never having read any of Ms Grant’s work, I couldn’t quite fathom what I was in for. What I got was a very sweet, steamy romance which made me smile. I knew I was in trouble when I cried at the dedication. Those few sentences, written to someone completely unknown to me, made me realise that these characters were going to make me feel.

Becca’s life is completely out of her control. Her house is about to be repossessed (even though she works multiple jobs) and the only family she has to lean on is her Grams, who currently resides in a care facility, unable to look after herself. The only person who knows the true extent of her problems is Dev, her ex-boyfriend. She knows that Dev is the source of the majority of her problems, that he is the root cause of her eating disorder and the financial problems that were caused by it, but, unable to broach the subject of her problems with her friends, she needs the support that he brings. Unfortunately, Dev has taken this as a step to reigniting their relationship. When temptation enters the coffee shop that she works at in the form of the scrumptious Xavier, it looks like her support group may be at last expanding. Can she bring herself to open up to him, in the hopes of finally starting afresh?

Xavier Marks is having a bad run of luck in the relationship department. His fiancée cheated on him and his rebound left him for someone new, leaving the poor man wary of starting afresh with anyone new. When he sees Becca waiting at a party, his dwindling libido suddenly comes roaring to life. When she rebuffs him on more than one occasion, he begins to lose hope. That is, until a crack in the amour gives him hope. When he finally manages to break into her shell, he finds challenges to the relationship that he couldn’t have imagined. With twisted ex-boyfriends, financial woes and deep secrets, why can’t the path of true love ever run smooth?

I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed that the author decided to broach the subject of eating disorders in a realistic fashion. I liked how she portrayed that an eating disorder is there for the long term, that there are no easy fixes.  Although Becca is not at the weight typical for someone in the depths of an eating disorder, the obsessive way which she focuses on her weight, the way she has “no-touch zones” shows that, although the physical characteristics may not be a problem at the moment, the mental ones mean that she could relapse at any point. Her struggle was hard to read, hard to fathom and overall very emotionally compelling.

There is a reason for this pic….read and find out 🙂
The characters were very well written and very engaging. Becca was a fascinating mix of the weak and the strong, with her strength at controlling her urges ultimately leading to her weakness of ignoring the other areas of her life. This, along with her inability to ask for help as to not appear needy, led to all of her problems. She lets Dev the prat in because it was easier to do so than push him away and have no one to talk to, she wouldn’t ask for help from her friends, so she ended up in dire financial need, and then she nearly drives herself into the ground trying to cope with everything alone. I loved the way Xavier tried to support her without ever trying to make her relinquish some of that hard fought for control. In fact there were many things that I loved about Xavier. He was caring, strong and very imaginative with ice-pops J He was a dreamy addition to this book and a fantastic hero to support and cherish our very damaged heroine. Dev was a horrible, controlling, manipulative git. I struggled with the contrast between what we heard about Dev’s character and what we witnessed. Then I remembered that this is Becca’s story, the world through her eyes. As he was trying to get back in her pants, it was unlikely he was going to show his true colours for a while.

This is a sweet tale about a heroine who finally gets the support and love that she needs to do some much needed healing. Although there is no easy road for the two love birds, I felt that they were in a position to give it a go. With sweet declarations, hot sex and a douche ex that you want to punch, this story is for all the romantics out there who believe that true love can conquer just about anything (this includes me :D)

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