A Nix Romance Review – A Man of Privilege by Sarah M.Anderson (4.5 Stars)

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James Carson is a successful lawyer, future senator and maybe even one day President. When he hears about the corrupt judge who let off women defenders in return for sexual favours, he realises this is the case that could pave the way for his future. He has plenty of evidence but he is a man who likes to have an insurance policy and that comes in the form of former meth addict Maggie. Setting his FBI partner on her trail, he is expecting the addict to be easy to sway around to his side. But the picture in her file is nothing like the beautiful, professional woman that walks into his office.

Maggie has spent the last nine years of her life climbing up the social ladder and  scraping herself off rock-bottom. Though she wants to put her past behind her, she refuses to deny who she once was. After James tries to railroad her into testifying for her, she  walks out of his office without a backward glance; she allowed herself to be used by a man in a position of power before, it won’t happen again. Impressed by her resolve, James appears at her home, apologising and begging her to reconsider. After many reassurances that she won’t be called to the stand, she reluctantly agrees to put her testimony on tape.

The chemistry between them is flying, but they know it can’t go anywhere. James knows what such a thing would do to his case and potentially his career. Maggie knows that a man with such connections and money as James couldn’t possibly be interested in a former meth addicted prostitute. Still, neither of them can deny their own feelings of attraction and soon sparks lead to an encounter like none other they have experienced before. Will the differences in their background become too much to overcome once the case is closed?

I loved the first book which is why I so readily agreed to review the next one. These are rather sweet romances and I enjoyed the whole premise. In this book, we meet the rather spoilt James. I never once doubted that he was a good guy, but I did think he was rather self-serving at points. I don’t think he ever thought about Maggie’s role in the case until the proverbial crap starts to hit the fan. He states constantly that he doesn’t want to become his families stooge, that he wants to lead his own life and not become the politician they expect him to be, but he still stays on the path that they create for him. Yes, he has no intention of marrying the woman they have chosen, but the career path is dead on. It wasn’t til later in the book I think he truly became a real hero and started thinking about his heroine. His feelings for Maggie hit him like a two-by-four. I loved the fact that he never ever judged her by her past; he judges her by the woman that she has become. He is strong enough to overlook her faults and want to help protect her in the future; he is swoon worthy!  

Maggie is a fantastic heroine. She was the victim of terrible abuse and this caused her to make some God awful choices in life. She bucked up, made a choice and turned her life around. She has been working damn hard and then some smarmy lawyer turns up at her door and tries to make her go back there. If it goes to court she will be dragged through it all again and everyone will know what she once was. I admired the fact that she did it anyway because it was the right thing to do…she was so strong! When she is thrust into the world of the rich and snobby, she copes so well! I loved the way that she stood up for herself and what she had become.

The one thing I enjoyed about the whole tale was the chemistry. There was no denying it or controlling it, it was just there! The building of the relationship was just lovely to see and there were plenty of feel good moments. The twists, turns and barriers in this relationship kept the story flowing  at a lovely pace….it was a easy page turner.

A sweet, sexy page turner which was a truly romantic read from beginning to end. 

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