A Nix Short Erotic Romance review – A Very Personal Assistant by Portia Da Costa (4 Stars)

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Miranda is a woman is a woman with a high pressure job and no way to unwind. One day, her personal assistant offers a new way for her to unwind; a weekend where she cedes all sexual control to him. After he dispels all her doubts about what would become of their working relationship, she readily agrees and sets off on a weekend of debauchery with him at the helm.

When they arrive back at work, they truly try to keep their working relationship the same. He reverts back to taking the orders and she becomes a much less stressed boss. Underneath all the professionalism is an undercurrent of tension because they both want to take their relationship further.

This is a short story and so it will be a short review! I don’t know if this is because I follow Portia on twitter, and have seen the name mentioned often, but throughout this Patrick was Patrick Jane from the Mentalist. This made this story better J

I am a sucker for D/s stories. I’m also quite used to the whole high-powered-woman-needs-to-not-be-in-control-in-bed-so-is-a-sub storyline. I was fascinated with this one as the Dominant was the submissive’s secretary…. It sounded so different and fun!!

I had no doubts throughout the story that Miranda was submissive and she needed to have someone else take control of the situation. I enjoyed her journey in this book. I couldn’t work out Patrick’s role in the whole relationship. He was a sexy, suave man who was so much fun to read about, but this is not where my problem was. There were times when he came across as a little unsure, and seemed to ask for permission, but at other times he seemed to revel in telling her what to do. I couldn’t work out if he was a natural Dominant or just enjoyed the role. Neither scenario would have bothered me but the not knowing did slightly.

Of course, it was never going to work out as they planned. They both experienced some intense sexual emotions during their weekend away, there was no chance that that was going to just fizzle out when they go back to reality. What results is a nice tension throughout the remainder of the story. I really enjoyed watching their relationship morph as they struggled with their feelings and keeping to the “rules” of their relationship.

Overall, a steamy short that kept me turning the pages until the end.

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