A Nix Short Review – Beautiful Mess by Lucy Morgan (5 Stars)

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After Bailey gets dumped by her long-term ex, her male friends decide to cheer her up the guy way. After getting her stinking drunk on Jaegermeister, they decide it’s about time to dish the dirt on the ex. After pointing out her lack of enthusiasm in her previous sexual experiences, they are all astounded to hear that she has never experienced an orgasm. Now feeling even crappier about her love life, she then has to contend with the sappy in love couples that frequent her wedding cake shop. Her friends are hell-bent on protecting her dignity by getting revenge on Craig (the ex) but one of them seems like he has more than a friendly reason for hoping she gets over her breakup quickly. Will she be able to get over the fact that he has always been her friend and chase that elusive orgasm?

This book blindsided me. It is uber short, but please don’t let that be a factor in deciding to read it. Also, a massive bonus that I didn’t realise is that it’s free on All Romance at the moment (I got the review copy from the author) Honestly, I’d have paid money for the giggle fit this novella gave me J Bailey is a bit of a whiny character at the start, but the last time I got dumped, I cried for a week, ate the entire counties weight in ice-cream and referred to all men as gits for a good 6 months….as break-up’s goes, I think she was fairly chipper! She lives with Tom and Ollie, with a permanent visitor in the shape of the lovely Linc. I loved the banter between them all and it was during them conversations that most of my laughing occurred. A particularly memorable moment was when Olly was referred to as a “Cunt Whisperer” because he knew exactly how to please a woman in bed (this particular quote got mixed reviews on twitter! ) They were a motley bunch of men but it was clear that all of their actions in this tale are done to protect her and cheer her up.  As the book is written in first person, what we learn from the other characters is simply from Bailey’s POV, but the affection that she feels for them all comes across quite clearly. I could see the romance coming a mile off. From the way that Linc behaved towards her when she broke up with Craig, it was clear he didn’t quite see her as a friend. I won’t say more on this because I think you should go read it!

This was a hilarious novella with a very strong author voice. I’ll admit, my humour tends to border a little on the silly (and I happen to enjoy swearing) and I think this is one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much. There were a lot of very British insults thrown around (tosspot for one) and I understand that this could be difficult for American audiences but I implore you to give it a go. I’ll be looking for more from this lady cos I loved this! 

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