A Nix short Review – Getting Physical by Victoria Blisse

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Terri is gifted a gym membership by her domineering mother. A little curvy, and a lot insecure about it, she doesn’t relish the thought of going to show all her wobbly bits off amongst all the hard bodies. The first thing that she notices is a gorgeous hard-bodied man, who is too perfect to look at the likes of her.

John works out every-day. Convinced he is weedy and ugly, he strives to make himself a work of art. He notices Terri the first day she joins but, due to his terrible way with words, he doesn’t make the best first impression. Contenting himself to look from afar, he doesn’t bank on an incident which allows him to come to her rescue. Will their insecurities prevent them from realising that they share a mutual attraction?

This was a short read (at 41 pages) but it was easy enough to like. There were a few things that irritated me and this probably hampered my enjoyment of the story. I like both central characters, they were relatable and interesting. Both of them suffered from crippling insecurities and these formed the main barrier to them immediately jumping on each other at the gym; they didn’t think the other would find them attractive.  When they finally get together, it leads to a satisfying ending to an erotica short. The smexy times were very hot to read and I’m happy that Terri got over her insecurities enough to take the lead in that department J

One of major problems was the POV. I have a hard time with first person POV and this short was told from both the POV of the Hero and the Heroine. It wasn’t enough time for me to get into the characters and I struggled with it. This is my major complaint with the story; it was too short for me to fully appreciate the POV of two different people. The language used was often very slangy (which didn’t bother me at all, I’m from the UK) but this could also be a problem for US readers.

Overall an easy short read with some nice smexy times and two relatable leads. I struggled with the first POV, but that is a complete personal preference.

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