A Nix Short Review – Love, Interrupted by Kat Black (4 Stars)

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Frankie has spent the last few months burying herself under a pile of work, hiding from the hurt and pain of her husband cheating on her with another woman. On her birthday, a letter appears on her doorstep from her soon to be ex-husband Mark. Frankie is all for burning it without glancing at the excuses, but her friends decide to take matters into her their own hands and force her to listen to every word. The eloquent explanations and declarations ripe her words wide open, causing her to lash out at the very people who are trying to help her heal.
From that day forward a new letter arrives on her doorstep each morning. Each day brings a new declaration of love, a new apology and a fresh set of tears for Frankie. Her heart and brain are at war; he is the only man she has ever truly loved, every truly wanted but the hurt that he caused is still too fresh.  Will her firm resolve hold out when she realises that she may be letting one mistake ruin her one epic romance?
This was a shortie book, so this will be a shortie review! I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to get into this book. Something about the POV of the book didn’t resonate with me and I found the tale to have a narrator like feel. The book really shone through the dialogue. It was through the conversations between the characters and the letters that the story really started to come alive and I started to enjoy it.
I understood Frankie’s point of view. Mark threw away something special for the sake of something tawdry, devaluing what they had in a way that could be irreparable. She was hurt that he could do that to her and hurt that she meant so little; I’m positive that my reactions would have been identical. What I loved more is the way Mark explained himself in his letters. He never belittled her feelings, never made pointless excuses that stoked the fires, he simply said sorry and told her he missed her. It was perfect. I didn’t know where I stood on their relationship, but I knew that I would have struggled being mad at someone who didn’t shy away from his punishment.
The angst in this book was lovely, the emotion well written and powerful. I was drawn in to their story through his letters and the dialogue. There wasn’t that much sex in this but what there was was certainly very VERY steamy J Oh, and I forgave him…..   

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