A Nix Short Review – One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major (4 Star)

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Marianne Caldwell is sick of dates with losers and men who let her down. Signing up for the exclusive “1 night stand” dating service seems to be her last ditch attempt at finding true love. Upon arriving at the swanky hotel, she finds herself whisked away to a medieval land where she is being hunted by a creepy bad guy on horse-back. Being rescued by her very own hero sounds like a fantasy straight from the story books; that is if said hero came with a Brooklyn accent and reminded her of the boys from Jersey shore. Slowly, the bad first impression starts to fade as Robert puts himself in harm’s way to protect her from the horrible baddie. Will she be able to cope with the fact that her Prince Charming doesn’t act, or sound, the way she expected?

This was a short book (hence the short review) but I really did enjoy it. It had some laugh out loud moments (there is a part of the book where she refers to Robert as Paulie D..LOL) It also had some completely bizarre moments which I kinda expected from a fantasy novel.  As with many erotic novella’s you have to leave your disbelief at the door and enjoy it for what it is, a really good little erotic romantic fantasy. Marianne’s attitude was snarky and quite entertaining. Honestly, I expected to be hacked off with her elitist stance towards him but I could kind of see her point; it was an exclusive service after all. She was expecting a suave hero who would sweep her off her feet and she got a jersey boy attitude and the occasional utterings about bodily functions. He was lovely. Robert may have not been as suave as she expected, but he certainly was a sweet hero. He didn’t hesitate to protect or coddle her; she really had found a winner with him J For a short story it still had sex, lots and lots of steamy, kinky sex that was rather fun!

A short read that made up for its lack of length with some comedy and smut. With the moral of the story being never to judge a book by its cover, it was a sweet little fairytale that ticked all the right boxes.

2 responses to “A Nix Short Review – One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major (4 Star)

  1. Casea, this is a fabulous review–and much deserved.
    I thought One Knight In Brooklyn was an awesome read, filled with humor, a great plot, sex, excellent characters, and fantasy.

  2. What a nice review. Yes, it's short, but this is only a one-night stand, so there isn't much time to get too involved. But Casea did a great job and made that Jersey boy…er, I mean Brooklyn boy, very lovable!

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