A Nix Short Review – Tales from Frewyn: The Opera by Michelle Franklin (5 Stars)

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An Opera is scheduled to be performed in Frewyn but, just before opening night, the controversial adverts threaten both the show and the safety of its director.  The clueless maestro seems to be trying for ratings, without worrying about what the giant, Den Asaan, may think about the parody of his relationship with the Commander. When the Giant demands an immediate performance of the opera, to check that it does not belittle his beloved, it seems that this may be the last performance the famous Marridon ever creates.

This is a short read (approximately 35 pages) therefore will be a short review. Did the length bother me in the slightest? Nope, it was the perfect bite sized chunk. The land of Frewyn is a mythical, fantasy land where giants and people live together. This is a short story from a well-established land created by Michelle Franklin, but I don’t believe that reading out of order will hamper your enjoyment. In this tale we see an very amusing and heart-warming glimpse into the lives of the powerful Commander and her mate, the grumpy, chocolate addicted Giant. It made me chuckle at reading the glee she took in imagining how bonkers her beloved was going to go when he saw how she had been depicted on the adverts. Seeing his tough significant other depicted as a damsel in distress was likely to cause him much distress and, in seeing the amusement that the thought of this caused, I got a little warm and fuzzy feeling. Too often, books concentrate in the lusty, passionate feelings that come from a new relationship without ever touching on the little, comfortable feelings that also appear.  It was clear how deep their feelings ran from this miniature insight.

I love the little world that Ms Franklin has created in Frewyn. This isn’t my first introduction to her characters and her world is very reminiscent of fantasy lands created in fabulous sci-fi shows (with far better dialogue and far less leather I hasten to add!) There is characters aplenty to get your teeth into (In this one, the King and his wife also gained my attention :D) and a delightful story that keeps you hooked.

A 5 star snippet from the characters in this delightful fantasy world. With an overbearing chocolate addict, a feisty female and a smattering of sex, this tale was a guaranteed winner for me.  A lyrical writing style makes this tale a very easy read (even if I did have to look up a word or two :D) If you like your fantasy with a smattering of romance, this is a tale to try.

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