A Nix Shortie Review – Cold as Ice by Cassandra Carr (4 Stars)

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Eva has every woman’s dream job; she massages the half naked, sweaty bodies of hockey players. Recently she has been lusting after the offensive line of the Buffalo Intimidators, all three of them. Luke, Carter and Jake couldn’t be more different in looks or personality but they have one thing in common; their taste in women. Recently no woman has caught the attention of the three of them like the delectable Eva has. Sharing women is nothing new but looking at one in terms of a relationship is certainly a new twist.

They know they need to act swiftly and smartly; just how do three men convince one woman to allow them to share her? Using their appointment times they begin to try to seduce her (notice I say seduce…they have the subtlety of a brick!) Eva had already been having naughty thoughts about the three men, it really doesn’t take much to convince her into some horizontal time with three men who want to service her every need. Convincing her to stay for longer will certainly take more tricks. When health problems start to affect the team, will she decide to go all in?

This novella is only 146 pages long but it was sure steamy. It is book two in the series but I don’t think they really need to be read in order. I have read a few M/F/M/M stories before and I’ve found them hit and miss. Often, I find the story convoluted and the characters two-dimensional and nameless because there are simply too many people for me to keep up with. This story didn’t feel like that at all! I liked Eva immensely and managed to keep the men’s characters straight, making this little tale all the hotter. I need emotion in my sex for it to get my pulse racing, I need to give a damn about them to get involved with their emotions…it’s just IKEA sex without it (Put piece “A” into slot “B”).

Eva was the making of this tale to me. Yes, the men were all dream hunks who I’d be happy to drop skirt for, but it was Eva that kept me engaged with the emotion of the story. She was a strong intelligent woman who wasn’t shy about her lust for the three men. She knew what she wanted and agreed quickly. I have to say I found the scenes where she is described as giggling to be a little at odds with her character but this is just nit-picking. The reason that I managed to keep the men (mainly) straight was due to the scenes where they “seduce” her separately. Without these scenes, I don’t think I would have been able to see them as individuals. They all had a unique style for talking and coaxing her; Jake is the smooth charmer, Luc is the dirty-talker and Carter is the direct-but-sexy one. These scenes were fun, sensuous and very bloody useful. The men were shown as both individuals and a unit and because of this I believed that they could fall for one woman.

The sex was hot, steamy and satisfying. Of course there is buttsex…it’s a ménage! There is no sexual contact between the men though and all attention is focused on Eva! I liked the fact that they were all at different stages of acceptance over the relationship, that they all expected different outcomes from their tryst. I have never believed in love stories between multiple partners that came easy and this one certainly didn’t.

Overall, a smutty little read with three hot sports players. What more do you need to know?

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