A Nix Shortie Review – Cowboy Shuffle by Cat Johnson (4 Stars)

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Ellen is sick of the dating scene. Unhappy with her current predicament of choosing between a Doctor and a Cowboy, she set’s herself up on a dating website. Soon the offers are flooding in, but there is only one man who seems to attract her attention. He seems to be perfect in every way, but is it all too good to be true?

Becoming the third wheel in his best friend’s new relationship was never part of Shooters plans. When the naughty dreams about Wes’s sister Ellen start, he can only assume that he has been spending too much time with her and the happy couple. Deciding that he needs to get her out of his system, he joins the dating site she’s on to woo her. Shooter knows that face to face he has no chance with the girl that has known him for years; will his online profile draw her attention instead?
I’ve been waiting for this book ever since Shooter appeared in Texas Two-Step. His book is a shortie but certainly a scorcher. Cat Johnson has a way of sucking me into secondary characters and the charming good-time boy in Texas Two-Step certainly got my attention 😀 This book is only 60 pages long therefore it would be really easy to give too much away so this is going to be a very brief review! I liked Shooters character; charming, protective and with enough self-doubt to make me like him (me and vain characters don’t get along), I wanted him to get his happy ever after. Unfortunately, actions have consequences and Shooter is a big man-whore. This means that any woman who knows his reputation would be wary of getting into a situation where she may get her heart broken. Ellen was a strong female character. I liked that she knew what she wanted, that she knew herself well enough to know what she could and couldn’t tolerate. She wasn’t stubborn either which was a refreshing change for some of the strong female characters I’ve been reading of late. Totally relatable. I enjoyed the banter between the two of them; wary-friends to lovers always works for me!
The romance was believable and what little sex there was in the tale was SCORCHING! There was a lot of chemistry between these two and I was more than happy to believe that a man with Scooter’s experience would be dynamite between the sheets.
A short and sexy read which left me wanting more. Shooter is a fabulous Cowboy hero who me smile, swoon and blush throughout. 

2 responses to “A Nix Shortie Review – Cowboy Shuffle by Cat Johnson (4 Stars)

  1. Thank you so much for the review!

    FYI- the authors were limited to 20,000 words maximum for this series which is why it's a shortie. Not that it matters much because Shooter is so hot 100,000 words probably wouldn't be enough for me! LOL

    • nix

      I'd be happy with 100,000 words from Scooter *phew* 🙂 I loved the story…I didn't realise there was a word limit on the series but am enjoying it as a whole 😀

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