A Nix Shorty Review – Built 4 It by Daisy Harris (3.75 Stars)

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Built4’s lab is where Steins are created for testing purposes. Though they are unable to talk, the Steins in this lab have started to become a family and the Alpha, Kee, has begun to realise that once one of his charges disappears they never come back. Determined to protect his pack, he proceeds to study human culture and behaviours so he can effectively communicate if he needs to.  When a riot starts up one night, he drags the younger lab assistant Ben into his cage. He has watched the young human for a while, both fascinated and attracted by his submissive nature and obvious lust. Sure that the only way to succeed on the outside is with Ben’s help, Kee appeals to his submissive side to try to get him on side. When the dust settles, Kee begins to realise that Ben needs him as much as he needs Ben. But can they forgive the sins of the past to have any sort of future together?

This is the third in the series of Daisy Harris’s Love-Bot series and, although it wasn’t my favourite of the trilogy, it is a entertaining instalment. Kee is a natural Alpha, a natural Dominant and a very kinky boy. He doesn’t know about the mechanics of sex, knows only what he likes based upon his personal trials, but he isn’t shy about expressing what he wants. I loved that he hadn’t had any of that crappy sex-shame that is bred into people, that he saw nothing wrong with the fact that he liked to get laid. I never at one point questioned his ability to say no to the sexual relationship with Ben, never saw him as less than the instigator of the entire sexual relationship (I was worried about this…I thought it may border on weird). Ben was a big old Virgin. I love virgin stories and Ben was ripe for the corruption that Kee brings….there is a very very hot shower scene *fans*.  I knew he was redeemable when he started to question his career choices, I just didn’t know if he was forgivable to the bots that had already witnessed some of his less than stella moments.  I liked that they both brought something to the relationship, that they both had a part to play; it made me a very happy bunny.

This is a M/M romance. This means that there are men getting it on so if you’re uncomfortable with that then this probably isn’t the book for you. Myself? I don’t care about gender, just about emotion and this certainly had enough lust and angst to keep me a happy bunny.  The sex scenes certainly had a positive effect on my libido and I thoroughly enjoyed the building of their relationship. The side plot of the break out of the lab was engaging and it was nice to see some of the faces from the previous books again. I think the only complaint was the length which I felt could have been longer; it felt like there wasn’t much character building for Ben because the length didn’t really allow it. I’d definitely read more from this series and I wanted to take Kee under my wing and protect him from anymore hurts….though he probably wouldn’t allow me to being the big Alpha he is!

An erotic M/M romance that kept me turning the pages with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside my chest.  I love this Zombie series which is surprisingly minus gore (although the innards scene made me a little queasy! :D)

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