A Nix Uber Short FF Review- Midnight Melody by Kate Devlin (3.5 Stars)

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Francesca has a talent. In a world where Zombies are starting to take over, people who want to capitalize on their talent have to take risks. This is how Francesca ends up navigating her pregnant girlfriend Gillian to the house of her musical director. The musical director also happens to be Gillian’s lover but that is another thing that Francesca is willing to overlook for fame. Of course, when they get to the musical directors house they don’t seem to be the only ones there…..
This is an uber short story, so this will be an uber short review. I really enjoyed the world that this author created. I particularly liked that this Zombie populated world was the norm for our characters, that they were part of a plan to repopulate the Earth. I would have liked to know more, but all of this was just a scene setter for the dastardly plan by the evil ex. She wanted Francesca to get into the correct “head-space” for the song that she was singing and was willing to do anything to get her there. I did like Gillian but Francesca slightly annoyed me. I think that I ran out of patience with her quest for fame when the dog got eaten…. Yeah, I blamed Francesca for that one ‘cos that dog had no business being out in a Zombie apocalypse. Anything that happened to her after that one was her own fault for being so fame-hungry.
If I had anything to complain about it was that I felt there was too much going on in such a short book. I enjoyed the writing and world building so much that I could happily read a full length from this author. I don’t normally say this with novella’s, but I think the length actually made me enjoy this one less due to the limited amount of emotional detail around the situations that occur. I just couldn’t shake the notion that some of these really traumatic events needed more emotional fallout.
Overall a sexy brief read from an author I will quite happily read more from. I liked this Zombie world….’twas fun 😀 

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