A Rae Review – Five Ways ‘Til Sunday – Delilah Devlin (5 Stars)

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Marti Kowalski is all wrong for Officer Jackson Teague—he just won’t listen to reason. She didn’t finish high school, runs a bar. Has a tattoo and a blue streak in her hair. Yet he still wants to marry her? She can’t say she’s not tempted, but she’s got a bucket list to complete before she ties the knot.
Not just any bucket—more like a fifty-five-gallon drum of sexual wishes so explicit, there’s no way one man, even Jackson, can fulfill them all.
When Marti turns him down again, Jackson insists on knowing why. That’s when she shows him her list. He takes it, thinks about it—and calls on the only men he can trust: four buddies from his academy graduating class.
Between the five of them, he’s sure they can come up with a plan to check off every item on her list in one wild, wicked weekend. That is, if she has the nerve to follow through—and if he can bear to share her.
Warning: Contains five men on a mission to break down the resistance of one determined woman, using everything in their arsenal from BDSM accoutrements to roleplay of non-consensual situations.

I love it when Nix gives me books like this to read! 🙂 Totally hot and does exactly what it says in the title!

This book is pretty full on from the first page with Marti and Jackson playing out one of their (and mine….TMI?)) favourite role plays, rape fantasy.  The fact that they’re in Marti’s office & Jackson is on duty, in uniform, with his partner playing lookout at the office door listening in just makes it all the hotter!!

Despite the full on start to the story, and despite the fact that it stays pretty full on throughout, you really get a good sense of the characters pretty early on.  It’s obvious that they love each other and that they’re meant to be together.  Jackson accepts Marti for who she is and loves her for it, yet Marti can’t seen to accept herself or that Jackson really feels that way about her.  Even though she comes across as a incredibly confident and pretty sassy it’s obvious that her relationship with her father after the death of her mother really affected her.  So when Jackson asks her to marry him (again!) she comes up with her bucket list in the hope that it will put him off asking her to marry him again.

Oh boy does that backfire!!  While initially not thrilled with the contents of the list, Jackson knows that it’s Marti’s defense mechanism and decides to use it to prove to her just how much he loves her & accepts her for who she is.  So in such a situation who else to you rope in to help but your four closest (and hottest) friends who are all too happy to help!

In her rush to write the list, Marti isn’t very big on details, but it’s fair to say that at least one of every woman’s fantasies appear on that list from sex in a car, to menage, to BDSM.  It’s hot!! And so well written that even in the middle of the steamiest scenes you still ‘get’ that it’s all about Marti & Jackson, even though she’s enjoying the attention from the other guys.

There is a happy ending ladies! Well several in fact, but i mean that eventually Marti realises that it’s ok to be scared and that no matter what Jackson will be there for her and loves her for who she is.

A really well written, hot, steamy and at times funny book that I have no problems recommending to anyone.  A little of everything to suit everyone, no matter what your tastes or fantasies!

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