A Rae Review – Healing Love by Cara Cooper

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Good looking and a wonderful medic, Dr James Frayne is a man with a secret which is threatening his work and his patients. It is up to feisty Becky Armfield, the practice manager at his surgery, to tackle him. But he’s not the only man causing her problems. If her fiance Trent would finally name the day, perhaps she could finally be happy in love.
Meanwhile Becky’s friend and colleague Dr Holly Parkes has mysteries of her own to solve. Like the patient who wants to find out why her husband is behaving so strangely and the one who cannot understand why money is disappearing from her house – not to mention her own complicated love life…

I want to like this book….. but it just didn’t quite deliver.  One too many cliches, predictable to the extreme & no sex scenes to save it!

Dr James Frayne, handsome and well liked by the patients but troubled single parent to his daughter who is suffering from leukemia.  Because of the way he was treated at his last practice James refuses to tell anyone at work about what’s going on.  As a result he keeps getting into hot water with Becky for being late and unreliable.  While you can understand his reasoning, it’s incredibly frustrating as the reader & just makes me want to (surprisingly!) slap him!

Becky Armfield – oh my god I don’t remember the last time I met a more deluded heroine!  She’s a total doormat when it comes to Trent, her ‘fiance’ even though he hasn’t actually asked her to marry him, and treats her more like she’s a sibling or casual acquaintance than the woman he loves and she just takes it!

It’s obvious from the start that James & Becky are going to get together, the sad thing is I really didn’t care about them one iota!  They were a bland and uninspiring pair, paling in comparison to Dr Holly Parkes.  Now she is someone i would have liked to hear more of, especially in her rediscovery of her first love Sam, who she thought lost to her all these years.  They were a couple & a story that I could believe in and wanted to hear more about.

Not my favourite read of recent times.

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