A Random Musing: Who are your favorite characters in the Lucky Harbor Series? (Voting Poll & Giveaway)

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I’m so sad *sniff*. Lucky Harbor is over. I’ll never get to see another installment from this lovely little town and I’ll never read how Lucille perverts the next social media app *sob*

I refuse to be completely saddened though as I’ve had a lot of fond memories of this series. This post is the first of a couple and the reason it’s the first it’s that it’s the voting post. Yes, dear readers I want to know who your favorites were. I’ll be telling you mine and then I’d like you to share yours on the polls below. I’m keeping it up for a week and then I shall share what the results were. Of course, I wouldn’t ask you to vote for nothing … oh there are prizes…


I’m giving away a copy of a trilogy (Books 1-3, Books 4-6, Books 7-9 or books 10-12) within this series to one lucky commenter on this post, in a format of their choice. eFormat, Paperback, audiobook (from audible only and the last series is not available!), it’s your choice!

Privacy policy : I will never use anyone’s email for anything other than this giveaway.


In this one, I am asking you to vote for your favorite hero to read about. He may be the funniest, he may be the swooniest or he just may be the one with the most dramatic change … up to you!

My favorite hero is Sawyer. I loved his book with Chloe but he was the draw for me. He is protective, funny and oh so sexy. When Chloe pushed all his buttons, I held my breath waiting to see how he responded. When he started spouting his research about Chloe’s asthma, I melted. It helps that I have seen Sawyer over and I love all of his run-ins with Lucille <g>

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In my opinion, a reader should always like a hero. The heroine is often the person that will make or break a book, that will change it from “like” to “love”.

My favorite heroine is Amy. I love her spunk and heart. Throughout her book she made me laugh and it was her snark that set her apart from the other heroines in the series. I also think her reactions during the infamous camping scene made me laugh the most during the series!

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cooltext1763442397In this one, I am asking for your favorite romance within a book, not your favorite book. Which scenes between the hero and heroine made you swoon the most, made you feel the most.

My favorite romance was between Grace and Josh. All the romance’s were fabulous but these two stuck with me the longest. I loved that they were a partnership in every-way and it was more of a dreamy romance for it.  No other couple have hooked me in better than these two have.

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A romance book is more than just the main romantic plot-line. It is the side characters, the secondary plots and there are a whole host of these in the Lucky Harbor series.

My favorite book will be a controversial choice but I can’t help it. My favorite book is the last in the series One in a Million. It has everything that I had come to expect from a Lucky Harbor and more because it had a secondary romance that made me cry happy tears. It also had a lot of Lucille … I love Lucille.

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12 responses to “A Random Musing: Who are your favorite characters in the Lucky Harbor Series? (Voting Poll & Giveaway)

  1. Christine A

    i’m so sad that we won’t ever be visiting LH again. I just loved them and they were my automatic pre-order books that I’d wait up to arrive on my Kindle.

  2. sharon

    The first book i read was The Sweetest Thing and it still holds a place in my heart. So, I’m sticking with Tara and Ford. Though I really enjoyed One in a Million.

  3. Deb

    My Favorite hero is Jax, followed closely by Sam. My favorite Heroine is Ali, she is just so so sweet, I fell in love with her.

  4. Inga

    Aubrey and Ben are my favorite couple.
    Thank you for the giveaway. I love this series and waiting for more awesome books/ new series from Jill.

  5. Emily P

    I will really miss Lucky Harbor! I haven’t read One in a Million yet…don’t want it to be over 🙁

  6. Sue G.

    I adored this series. I loved the humor, the swooning and the characters. Can’t wait to see what Jill does next.

  7. Karen G.

    My favorite book is Head Over Heels and I love the couple Chloe and Sawyer and Sawyer is so inhaler worth! 🙂 I am sad this is coming to a close also because Ms. Shalvis has kept it so fresh and fun. I know she will have something great to follow for us tho. Thanks for the post and the chance to win!

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