A Release Day Review – Collision by Cassandra Carr (5 Stars)

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Leah knows that at the ripe old age of 25, her career as a professional figure skater is nearly over. With the ankle injury that is forcing her out of action, she has little choice when her sponsor’s rope her into a joint promo gig with a bull-rider. For years she has struggled to get rid of her “Ice-Queen” nickname, but now she has to get used to the fact that the promo tour is based upon the collision of the Ice Queen and the King of Rodeo. Determined to get this over with as little damage to her reputation as possible, she steels herself for a time of bad hair, make-up and costumes. What she couldn’t prepare herself for was her meeting with the King of Rodeo himself.

Brady Parrish is at the top of his field. He knows how the game is played and doesn’t balk at the idea of dragging a hoity-toity ice-skater around on tour with him for a while. However, when he lays eyes on the delectable Leah, he can see he may have gained a slight distraction to his tour. Unfamiliar reactions course through the veins of the stubborn playboy; he doesn’t know whether to run towards or away from her. After several glimpses into the character below the ice-facade, Brady realises that he wants her far more than he should. Can his slow seduction melt her frostiness towards him?
Once the fireworks start, there is no denying that the attraction that burns between them. But with them both living in wildly different worlds, both of them are anticipating the end of their tryst. Can either of them stop focusing on the future long enough for them to enjoy what they have when they are near each other?
Sorry, I had far too much fun with any words to do with ice and fire in that opening…I’m a child I know J Anyhow, somehow, I’ve managed to get on the auto-ARC list for Cassandra Carr….dunno what it happened but I am certainly not complaining! Ever since Talk to Me, I knew there was something about her writing that appealed to me and this one doesn’t disappoint. It has Cowboys. It has rope. These are certain check-boxes that a cowboy-perv like me enjoys. However, this one worked for me on a few more levels.
Leah was not an easy character to like. She hated the Ice Queen nickname yet perpetuated it constantly with her attitude. The constant name dropping of designer labels made me realize that she was quite a materialistic person but, after a few chapters, I realised something more; she was a very lonely woman. She had few friends, she didn’t have any family to speak of and the person she checked in with on a daily basis was her employee. I started to realise that the image was probably a purposeful decision. She had no clue how to cope with Brady. I don’t think I would know how to deal with Brady, but what she decided to do was slake her lust and keep him at arm’s length.  Yeah, that one always works out well!!
Brady was hot. Not only did he sound hot (multiple references to muscled chest, lovely thighs and a fabulous arse) but he was truly yummy in his seduction. He was bloody arrogant with it but I assume if you have several women an hour coming up to jump all over you, you’d get a little bit of an ego. He had already decided that she was going to sleep with him before she had. He was right though J The thing I liked the best about him was how aware of her feelings he was at all times. That plus his sexy times techniques, which were ice-meltingly hot (I’m sorry, I can’t seem to stop), made him a lovely lovely hero.

“Why do all you guys wear these huge belt buckles anyway? I noticed a bunch of riders had them”
“Checking out their packages, huh?” he retorted, tracing the outer shell of her ears with the tips of his fingers before leaning down to caress the sensitive spot behind it with his lips.
“No, they’re hard to miss. They’re practically obscene-almost like you’re trying to get women to check out your so-called packages.”

 The question I always I ask when I review Romance books is “Do I like the hero and heroine together?” Yes, I really did. They were quite adorable; he was constantly considerate to her needs and she became less uptight. They also had incredible chemistry; I have never ever had to write “I hated the sex” in a review of a Cassandra Carr book. There was a scene in a taxi that made me wonder how the driver stayed on the road!  To be honest, this book was good sexy fun that wasn’t filled with angst and drama. So what was the one thing that stopped these two having an easy ride? They would rather assumptions than actually speak to each other. Always a good plan when you are psychic but not so much any other time!

A fab book with some very smutty scenes and a cowboy who likes to tie up his lady friends and torture them with pleasure. Look out for the scenes where he turns on the seduction…yum! 

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