A Review Post – Dragon on Top by GA Aiken (4 Stars)

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Dragon on Top by G.A. Aiken
Series: Dragon Kin #0.4
Published by Kensington on 2015-10-27
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 176
Format: eBook

Try a little dragon tenderness.

I am Ghleanna the Decimator. I am a warrior. A soldier. I know no fear. No pain. No mercy. I do, however, know acute embarrassment! How could I not after getting dumped by a bastard dragon in front of my own troops? So I tuck tail and return to my cave, drowning my sorrows in ale—as is my family’s way. But instead of leaving me to my misery, I’ve been summoned to the Dragon Queen’s court.

As if my life wasn’t pathetic enough, Her Majesty now has me escorting the highborn Bram the Merciful through dangerous territories—not exactly the best use of my military training. And just so he can negotiate with enemy dragons instead of battling them? Honestly, what has my world come to? Then again…Bram is quite easy on the eyes. And the perfect distraction for what ails me. Perhaps I’m looking at all this the wrong way. Maybe there is a place for a little “mercy” in my life…

Previously published in Supernatural.

FTC : I got this from Netgalley.

The first thing to be aware about this book is that it is a prequel to the existing series and what a wonderful addition it is. I have *loved* Bram the forgetful in the other books and I was so excited to see where his relationship with Glheanna began. This novella was exactly what I expected from Aiken; it was laugh out loud funny, a little bit silly and a whole heap of fun. The characters are larger than life and they made even the simplest of tasks so funny I ended up laughing out loud on a crowded bus.

Bram has wanted Glheanna to notice him for years but it isn’t until she is tasked with looking after him (whilst smarting from a rather humiliating break-up) that she sees him as a dragon she can have romance with. Can two incredibly different dragons make it work? And will those pesky Sea-Dragons (I want a Sea-Dragon book …bad) throw a massive spanner in the works?

I love, love, loved this book. I don’t think you need to read the other books first BUT I feel I enjoyed it more because I have read all the rest and love these characters. I honestly think it is a book to read later rather than within the numerical order.

Overall, a great addition to the series and it has cemented my love of Bram the forgetful and the bitchy Dragon Queen. I want MORE!


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